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United StatesToronto, Canada
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US: "The truth is is that as a nation, we face nothing short of a justice crisis" - Larry Tribe, Senior Counselor at the Department of Justice

Canada: As Supreme Court Justice Beverly McLaughlin clearly states, access to justice is "basic right" and our system is creating a "national crisis".

JustAccess is a crowdfunding platform for the justice system. While maintaining the utmost degree of accountability and transparency, litigants will be able to upload their case profiles to our site, thereby enabling individuals - such as yourself - to more easily engage with and financially support litigation of your choosing.

We all want to create a more just society, one where everyone regardless of income has equal access to the courts -- JustAccess helps you make this a reality.

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, ON, Toronto

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1. Establishing 10-15 launch clients/cases for a soft launch, and going live within 90 days
2. Monitoring and evaluating the launch cases, quickly adjusting during the 40-60 days campaigns and infusing those learnings into a broader strategy
3. Sharing our strategy and market results with potential funders, securing capital and scaling to an open launch

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Message & Brand Strategy

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Consumer/Audience Acquisition

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We have already identified our mission, values and value proposition. However, due to straddling the world of social impact and financial sustainability/profitability, we're still looking to improve how we profess ourselves to different audiences.

We've won a few pitch competition, and have also lost some. We've met with folks that only want to hear about our financial bottom-line. And others who only care about how JustAccess will help others. Many opportunities and relationships have been properly cultivated, while others have served more as learnings on how to improve our approach.

We could use support in how to clearly and succinctly share our mission, values and values proposition - as well as, audience specific service flows - with respective users and stakeholders.

We would then like to take these learnings and use them for consumer/audience acquisition, marketing and seed fundraising.

What three characteristics or qualities do you prioritize in working relationships/partnerships?

Mutual benefit


Clear and fruitful communication


Excitement around creating value

Will support from American Express be focused on your organization overall or a specific product/service? Please describe.

Support will be focused on the organization overall.

Have you focused on the above area previously? If so, please explain, including whether you have worked with outside consultants before.

We have an Advisory Board and three Directors. Only those folks have worked on this area, thus far.

Are you able to commit 3-5 hours/wk over 10-12 weeks?


Are you able to meet virtually or at a convenient in-person location?


Are you able to meet in the city where your organization is based?


Rank your three intended outcomes of this project:

Better understand out brand (internal)


Better proffes and share our brand (external)


Draft an IMC strategy

What has been the impact of your solution to date?

We're currently pre-launch. To date we've:

1. Won a few pitch competitions
2. Cultivated a groups of allies, within Toronto's innovation and social venture circles, who strongly support our organization
3. Developed V1 of the platform
4. Designed and innovative and socially impactful service flow that furthers our mission of improving access to justice, while setting us apart from existing crowdfunding platforms (none of which deal with legal issues)
5. Started forming relationships with possible launch partners/litigants

What is your project future impact after receiving professional support from American Express?

Going live, achieving our mission, furthering our mission and increasing access to justice.

All of the above noted comments/sections, plus... better understanding who we are, who we should be working with, and who should be funding our initiative until it becomes financially sustainable.