Ojibway Language Books for Children

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Ojibway Language Books for Children

Sault Ste Marie, CanadaSault Ste Marie, Canada
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The problem we face right now is the missing link in the ojibway language. Not only are we the generation left behind to pick up the pieces from the effects of the residential school era, we are also responsible for putting those pieces back together! Our elders are slowly leaving us and without their knowledge of our traditions, languages and practices, we are going to lose it fast! I'm also in the process of learning and teaching the language to my son everyday, little by little he is learning and so am I. This is truly a double healing process for both parent and child!

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The need for my baby books is in HIGH DEMAND! We need to act now and get these books to every child that's being born in Canada to aboriginal decent to keep the language strong! I want to travel across Canada and give my books to every community, town and city to make them available resources for the Ojibway language. Please help me to get the word out about these baby books and further educate me in the business/marketing process of being a self-employed entrepreneur!

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My books offer one on one basic Ojibwa Language for children ages birth to four years! With categories that include food, clothes and numbers, children can learn the first main vocabulary of Ojibwa moo win. Things like apples, chairs, and tables with simple designs so that they can comprehend the images they see before them!
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My books make a difference because: - the children gain knowledge about their own cultural identity - the parents also learn from the children when reading the books to them in Ojibway - Canada can understand the language a lot more and accept the fact that this is who we are!
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Baby WayNa
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Bachelor of Fine Arts and minor in Anishinaabemowin

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Baby WayNa

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, ON, Sault Ste Marie

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, ON, Sault Ste Marie

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Creating a business plan to find retail space for my book store
Visiting local First Nations communities across Canada to give them a baby book for their local daycare centres
I would also like to create native baby apparel that would include dresses, shirts, ties, hats, etc.

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I am a full time student and a stay at home mom. I always found it hard to learn from the business sector of things. I would really love to learn more on how I can develop my business at home while still being able to spend sometime with my son.

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With support from American Express, I will be purchasing more fabrics for my books, looking for ways to market my baby books. I'm hoping to find a publisher that would create these books in fabric but still have my thoughts and inputs to create the designing process. It will also help me with travel cost and shipping!

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Available resources for children in the Ojibway language


Fully functioning business


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I donated my first Baby WayNa book in a giveaway on my facebook page to promote my books and to spread the word about Baby WayNa! I have now sold five books to customers located in Terrace Bay, Montreal, Sudbury and had the honour in making a baby book for the seventh generation midwives of Toronto that will be located in their centre soon. I was personally selected to be a host on Native American Calling in regards to our languages being offered in American and Canadian school curriculums and why parents need to start educating their children at a young age.The demand is truly unreal for the needs of these books and I only expected it to be higher if we don't act now!

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The idea behind my innovation is the lack of linguistic resources available for first nations, metis and inuit children to learn their own cultural identity which should be locally available in all educational centres across Canada. Researching and growing up in a world without this sufficient need has truly devastated my upbringing and made me more eager to end this silence! In this generation, we are slowly losing our elders dialect and traditions. We need to act now before we will no longer have them around to pull together this missing link we call language! This right here would end the loss of our language and rebind the links that were once undone.
We will finally have the available resources in our schools, public libraries, book stores all across Canada and the USA.