Sir Basel Pike Public School

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Sir Basel Pike Public School

Toronto, CanadaToronto, Canada
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This is an interactive simulation that allows the user to play the role of a kid in middle school who is confronted with and could become a victim of bullying behavior by his/her peers. As a victim the user relies on bystanders to speak out in support. As a bystander, the user is asked to stand up to bullying behavior and influence his/her peers. The user is confronted by the consequences of his or her decisions. The central idea is to develop empathy through victimization.

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, ON, Toronto

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, ON, Toronto

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We want to have our game used in schools. That's it.

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We believe that this game will create useful discussion in school groups about bullying. (our pilot in three schools has demonstrated this). We want to broaden our reach and have many schools in Canada and the US aware of and using this game to talk about the dynamics of bullying. We need to get this project used.

What three characteristics or qualities do you prioritize in working relationships/partnerships?

Access to our target audience of middle school kids


Understanding that bullying is a group dynamic where individuals have the power to participate or not.


Our partners must be willing to devote the time to facilitating discussion among the group about what is happening in the game.

Will support from American Express be focused on your organization overall or a specific product/service? Please describe.

Support will be focussed on the game, Sir Basil Pike Public School which is web based and simply needs buy in and fascillitation from schools.
We need to place the game in front of influencers to further its adoption.
We need help to create a revenue model that works for both us and our users.
We need help to spread the word about the game as far as possible.

Have you focused on the above area previously? If so, please explain, including whether you have worked with outside consultants before.

We have worked with subject matter experts Debra Pepler and Joanne Cummings from
They have helped us develop and pilot the game in middle schools.

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Are you able to meet in the city where your organization is based?


Rank your three intended outcomes of this project:

To activate empathy for victims of bullying within general population of school.


To understand how a bystander can enable or reduce bullying behavior.


To encourage those who might be reticent to stand up to do so when confronted by bullying.

What has been the impact of your solution to date?

We have only piloted the game in three schools but in those pilots we found that the game produced exceptionally deep and candid discussions among the students. Within the context of the game students were more willing to express their own experiences and share with the group. Also, boys were motivated to advise the girls and vice versa about what to do to a) deal with the immediate problem and b) how trying to succeed may negatively impact on another.

What is your project future impact after receiving professional support from American Express?

After receiving professional support from American Express we hope to have the game in use throughout Canada and the United States. We want to develop a revenue model that enables all schools to participate while returning the cost of our investment.