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Elements Management (E.M.) is an integrated system of revolutionary nature-intelligent tools, skills and models designed to dramatically and completely enhance the productivity, sustainability, creativity, communication, collaboration, awareness and profitability of your business - from the inside out.
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Elements Management (EM), EM Network
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Luis Daniel

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Maldonado Fonken


, HE

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Elements Management (EM), EM Network

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Darmstädter Str 45, 64342 Seeheim Jugenheim

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, HE

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1‐5 years

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, HE

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Human inteligence and behavior are conditionated by perception. Human inhability to perceive nature inteligence & sustainability principles makes from entrepreneurial projets (based on sustainability design) a process in which only intelectual awareness is "the center" of the management process. If only intelectual inteligence is applied in management, projects have a great risk to set up goals and lead processes that do not belong to the emotional capacity of its members, neither to their awareness or natural behavior.Left brain management is based on 15% of human capacity.
Elements Management advance individual & organization capacity and peformance (decision taking, sustainability design, communication and colaboration), by transfering to teams,CEOs & entrepreneurs the hability to perceive nature principles,identify new possibilities & implement innovative solutions.
Elements management training is based on sensory-emotional awareness of nature principles,an "organic & emotional" understanding of sustainability.
"The Elements" are about 81 principles that are self organized (in 9 Mandalas or Perception models) following nature inteligence.
Students learn how to let nature principles do their work, instead of telling nature what to do, collaborating with nature. This guideline works also for human collaboration, as nature principles can be found and are ideal to support human collaboration, behavior and inteligence.
The elements management training starts by observing life principles operate in nature, individuals daily life, human collaboration (from relationships -couples- to teams,family, community,organization,culture,global development), and continues by learning how to utilize EM Methods, and EM900 standard (9 Development levels),in order to design and manage every aspect of the organization based on EM Sustainability.
Elements Management provides training, network & mentorship to organizations, communities & entrepreneuers that apply the EM Know How

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Along 12 years of travels, in southamerica and europe L.D. Maldonado Fonken had the possibility to support and colaborate with NGOs, non-profit and for-profit organizations.
Based on the results of workshops, consultancy, mentorship and education programs, CEOS, teams and entrepreneuers show a meanigfull development of skills, change of perceiving and thinking and behavior habits and enhance management and design, now by understanding sustainability thinking.
CEOs of for profit organizations identify new risks and weaknesses into their business proces and planning, while understanding the lack of integral sustainability it expresses. A new kind of common sense and peception of their business activity arises.
Management of projects (with sustainability design), becomes more easy and more effective for entrepreneuers comming from professions like: arts, health, alternative health, eco farming, education, and others with more right brain activity along daily tasks.
In addition, other professionals comming from professionals fields like management, finnances, IT, industries, engeneering, tourism become more sensitive to human side of projects and its organic and emotional development process.
In youth it is possible to observe how to understand and apply natur principles becomes easy and natural, faster than in adults. Youth is able to integrate this sensory-emotional know how to their daily life faster.
In Education, faciltatores, highschool teachers, enhance their skills to transfer their knowledge to students and adults.
Within every discipline in which humans are envolved, an important change in the quality of the human collaboration experience, communication and cocreativity arises.

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Management of powerful and creative ideas, is daily challenged by human factor. As modern human beheavior and inteligence does not express a natural tendency to sustainability, projects design and development process fail in about 75% of cases becouse human factor.
By observing carefully the "quality of experience" teams and management experience along their collaboration processs, it is possible to identify a great lack of satisfaction, even projects goals might fulfill own visions and values.
The modern management push ideas and look for achieving goals, instead of leading process and caring for emotional and organic development of projects.
Sustainability is not about receiving new customers always nor about keeping the customers an organization has, but about transfering know how, experience and sucess to future generations.
Agreat percent of modern organizations shows a behavior able to survive for 1 to 2 generations.
What is missed, is the perception of the process development; and the capacity and methods necessary to adjust this process to nature principles, an inteligence of sustainability, collective awareness and quality of human collaboration experience.

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About 90% of our own management processes are based in Elements management know how.
Key areas have been developed to in order to care for the development of our organizations and bring our services to your customers and partners.

1. Education (EM Academy) provide training to young entrepreneuers, as well to CEOs and professionals from many disciplines that would like to integrate EM Know how into their daily work.

2. EM Network between all EM Users, which make it easy for EM Professionals to facilitate training and provide mentorship services. By sharing same know how it is possible to innovate also into strategy partnership and cocreate a commnon market.

3. EM Open source, make it possible for EM Practitioners to develop own solutions. We share the foundation of our know how, through courses, emdia and publications. Any one that develop solutions applying nature principles and human factor knowledge can bring their solutions to us, and receive a EM900 Standard certificate and join our EM Network.

4. EM Human Factor, is a service of Elements management dedicatd to create new working places at organizations and projects that decide to apply EM Know how.
EM Human Factor services establish strategy colaboration relatonships with for profit and not for profit organizations that would like to receive EM Profesionals as EM advicers EM Facilitatores EM Managers or within their teams.

5. EM900 Standard, supports communication between EM Practitioners, collaboration and application of the know how.Also provide based on this EM900 Standard consultancy, coaching and edcuation for the implementation of EM Know How in organizations as well as for entrepreneurial and community collaboration projects.

6.EM Market place, supports promotion, network and marketing of EM Practitioner services, suggesting a new quality based on Elements management.

7.EM Channel, provide free education online, motivates adn empower individuals, become sensitive, aware of nature principles, sustainability and the foundation of the EM Know how.

8.EM Orange Circles: Supports the development of human skills: communication, collaboration and cocreativity between woman and men. Facilitating skills, training, support groups for woman and men. The Orange circles supports development of education programs for both male and female circles and for couples.

9. EM Sustainable living, supports the development of sustainability projects.

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EM Network development in Germany and Europe
EM Representatives in 3 continents: Asia, Europe and America
EM Travelers and EM Facilitatores facilitating workshops in 4 continents.
Create a communication field between past and future generations for projects managers where experience can be transfered and adjusted to elements management know how. EM900 Standard
Creation of Sustainability center based on elements management, in Germany.
Provide support for transitions towns with elements management know how.
Education, coaching, mentorship and consultancy online for non profit and for profit organizations.

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$1000 - 4000

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Elements management can be applied for city design, communitary development, education, and training for management of any kind of human collaboration process. Elements Management can enhance design of city management, as well fo education processes, management and communitary development.

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Operating for 1‐5 years

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EM Network and EM Academy, as well as EM Represenatives and EM Human Factor are Elements Management services that are sucesfull on sharing EM Knowledge thanks to partnership and collaboration with EM Practitioners.

Not for profit and for profit organizations as well as cities are welcome always to participate in our colaboraton process.

We would like to learn more about how your initiative is financially supported. Please explain your business plan/revenue model

Services offered.

EM Academy
EM Consultancy
EM Network
EM900 Standard
EM Coaching
EM Businesses: paralele business created with same know how: Events, travel, web publishing.

The Story
What was the defining moment that led you to this innovation?

There were many moments that builed together what now is known as Elements Management, each moment is a field of experience of L.D.maldonado Fonken, EM Creator and EM CEO

Since he was a child, was motivated by a vision of a future human society in which humans collaborate with each other and with nature in order to cocreate an harmonious way of sustainable living, L.D. Maldonado Fonken decided to continue studies and experiences gathering all necessary knowledge in a variety of fields, science and social disciplines, human knowledge and understanding of nature and human experience.

Between 1993 and 1996 L.D. Maldonado Fonken did organize a workshop for university students, apply own intuitive and empiric know how regards human factor, nature principles, communication, collaboration and management.

While living abroad traveling, (1996/7-2008) applying own knowledge within a variety of cultural backgrounds and industries, the understanding of the triggers of the natural capacity of humans to tune and express nature principles through own way of thinking, perceiving, awareness, emotions and behavior.

While experiencing nature, by discovering, based on observation and perception, how nature applies truelly inteligent principles in order to sustain its own life, and how humans exposed to the same nature principles experiences, also, naturally, adjust own behavior according to this new state of awareness.

The creation of the Elements Management Standard complete a new cycle of creative work and know how development; and the beggining of a new stage of collaboration between Elements Management practitioners: the 30.30.30 Network

Tell us about the person—the social innovator—behind this idea.

Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken

Author, Lifestyle Traveler, Artist & Entrepreneuer
Multidisciplinary Profesional Studies
Elements Management Creator, EM CEO, EM Consultant, EM Facilitator

Borned in Peru in 1972. Family rooths in China, Spain and Italy. Culturaly influenced by the Japanese, German and Hebrew cultures.

Lives in Germany since 2007. Lived in Switzerland and Chile between 2003 - 2007.

Between 1996 and 2008 travels in Europe, Southamerica & Israel. Along his travels, L.D.Maldonado Fonken have been continued his research, increased the number of elements used and applied own know how at many industries, companies and NGOs.

Since 1999 L.D. Maldonado Fonken dedicate himself to apply the knowledge gathered & test it under real, variable & unspected conditions, with a human diversity of teams, cultural background, disciplines, industries, organizational models and locations.

Since 2000 run own businesses abroad traveling as entrepreneur, collaborate with sustainable development and education at the locations he visit, through not-for-profit and for-profit companies.

Since 2001 L.D. Maldonado Fonken provides consultancy, coaching & schooling.

Since 2007 L.D. Maldonado publish own books describing cases an use of the know how he develops.

In 2009, L.D. Maldonado Fonken grounds the LDMF.UG (Maldonado Fonken Luis Daniel UG) company in Germany, which is dedicated to build sustainable collaboration environments, and network, designed by applying Elements Management and complementary know how.

LDMF.UG is also dedicated to re-new the design of products, services, human resources managment, business management, collaboration and organization, innovation at many industries.

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