JETIME mobile communication and internet network

JETIME mobile communication and internet network

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nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector
$10,000 - $50,000
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JETIME is mobile phone business services that help women to find job, reduce daily communication expenses and provision of mobile banking and payment services to enable the rural poor, and others, to gain access to secure and reliable financial services without the necessity of having a physical banking infrastructure.

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Buterere I, 10th Street No 11

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More than 5 years

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.services are small with highest impacts to create new jobs. JETIME services being introduced are new solution that taps into the potential of internet and ICTs with expertises in mobile phones, marketing and communication to connect African social entrepreneurs, unemployed and link them to jobs carriers , thus the project is considered innovative. Free services and lower cost technologies it provides to the poor people in rural and urban reduce their daily expenses so the progress from poor to rich. Free SMS and Free VoIP calls and free internet services access it provide in WiFi, GPRS and WAP where they are compatible and supported help people to learn and improve the capacity via exchange programmes. JETIME is unique anywhere because mobile phones are being used by poor and rich, people in rural and urban communities of Burundi, this will make JETIME be overwhelmed by the new members who mean a quick economic growth and social development. It target women groups who are the centre or heart of all economic and social development in the world. The project aims to network and build capacities, ensure them to access to fundamental they needs via internet and ICTs including job market, information and communication, build capacity and create equitable labour markets for women. Internet and Mobile phone technologies and applications are simple to use, so anyone with no skills in HTML use JETIME technologies-phones to share experiences and find solutions of major under-employment and unemployment, digital divided, finance, women education, arts and culture, leadership, women and governance.

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Since JETIME has created has reached to rural and urban users of mobile phones in Burundi. Created from Econet Wireless Telecommunication society, JETIME has created partnership with not profits ASASS-BURUNDI to empower 35000 youth and women. Via SMS mobile job and services we’ve trained 1500 women on Internet governance, especially on ICT and business communication strategies. Via SMS and E-services, we helped over 107 job-seekers and 237 international experts who seek for volunteering position, coaching professionals in the organisation and via Mobile phone free Internet in GPRS and WAP, we connected created employment for 50 workers to set up internet-mobile in rural communities. They have provided quality services to 4627 inhabitants who use mobile phone with GPRS AND WAP devices to access to free internet services.
Our free SMS exchange and Free VoIP mobile calls facilitate the poor to communicate and reduce considerably daily calls expenses. A social account to save little money for women empowered was created. 300 widow and orphans profit from social account. The 60 guardian women, (WIDOWS) from lower income families care for 240 orphan and vulnerable children. Each family cares 4 children. Jobs were created and newly employed 8 women workers in various department and local people to understand about how ICT and mobilisation end poverty and reduce social problems. Our works cover 4 provinces of Burundi, but we have experienced a higher demand of membership. With the Goal to network over 2000 new members before we extend the target of MDGS in 2015, JETIME marketing and Communication department plan to increase awareness and improve ICT technologies tools by providing job of DESIGNING free networking web site and in mobile phone APPLICATION to share free SMS and lower VoIP calls quality services.

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It adresses mainly: UNEMPLOYMENT, POVERTY AND ICT DIGITAL DIVIDED. Burundi is a particular developing country with total 8 million of people, with large informal sectors and dominance of rural population, exclusively reforming INTERNET AND ICT, LABOUR MARKET institutions and implementing active labour market and economic sector is likely to have limited impact. The Internet and ICT context have an important contribution on the nature and extent of the economic growth and social development problems. The innumerable number of young women waits around and people in the streets of major African towns bears ample witness to the limited job opportunities that the young/women of the continent have. Burundi emerging from over 13 years of civil war, the business sector has been destabilized and young women are facing POVERTY, UNEMPLOYMENT. The digital divide that affects people more than lack of access to necessary skills, It also affects them in term of lacking of information and communication opportunities-Internet is very expensive, more than 80% of internet web sites are in English, ICT sector is characterised by low tech, input and resources, and poor infrastructures. By consequence, over 50% of women in Africa suffer from poverty and joblessness and Human rights violence. The biggest challenge for Government of Burundi is to create new jobs and socio-economic reinsertion of former disadvantaged groups and former social network small Entrepreneurs (Millennium Development Goals).In Burundi, because of the lack of information and communication network, women can not be connected and jobs searchers can not find them or works carriers can not easily find job searchers. Taking above issues into account, JETIME consider measures to help women make the transition into the labour market, communication and obtain knowledge and new employments with purpose to contribute to the ongoing debate on interventions to combat poverty, unemployment and digital divided in Africa.

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1st STEP: JETIME supported by econet wireless ( ) and provide free VoIP calls and free SMS to member user of mobile phone in our network group “JETIME”.
2nd STEP: To install and set-up hosted solutions:
We have booked web site to provide latest internet networking opportunities. Activity is to design mobile VOIP phone device application downloable from our web site into any mobile phone to network and allow over 2000 worldwide people to share stories before deadline of MDGs 2015. And provide web-based bank account: To enable customers to access their secured accounts using computer and or mobile phone handsets.

NOTES: JETIME members do not know to use technologies designed: All service categories include an introductory course aimed at teaching the proper use of the tools available. All set-up, configuration and technical issues are managed by JETIME's support team.
3rd STEP: We foresee that citizen in these new ICT markets may doubt that phones and internet are a good way for women to find jobs—or fear that the system is too hard to use Advertising: We will generate public awareness towards this project.
2nd STEP: we work with women’s coalition, private and public schools and universities students and professors to reach our target market of female job-seekers and daily communication needs. Lobbying committees was created to sensitise small social entrepreneurs, trader women in the markets to profit free services.
3rd STEP: we work with leading companies to stimulate people and ensure credible for successful creation of women employment and meet daily communication reduction.
4th STEP: JETIME mobile phone advertising and awareness campaign to inform potential members and population
5th STEP: Finance the replication of mobile phone and web sites in Burundi
6th STEP: Hire a small staff to oversee the project

Results: Describe the expected results of these actions over the next three years. Please address each year separately, if possible

A. Received 5000 USD and improve services communication, coordination, monitoring,
B. Business centre of designing and printing equipped with 3 computers, printers and scanner
C. Designed VoIP application downloable from web site into mobile phone
D. Designed social network web 2.0 and include e-banking schemes and mobile free SMS solution of sending message into web mail from mobile phone or calling for free from web site into mobile phone
E. 500 young women will be trained on JETIME technologies and 8 women will find jobs in JETIME centre
F. 240 orphans and 60 vulnerable women in rural are identified and empowered via trainings and loans
G. DESIGNING AND PRINTING services increase income generation to keep JETIME self-sustained
H. Team in designing and printing centre help 5000 job-seekers over long distance
I. A bank-based service that will enable customers to access their accounts through mobile phone handsets, whereby the bank customers will be able to access account information and issue payment instructions. This will eventually include domestic and international remittances and micro finance services.
1. A Virtual Account solution supported by an agent network, which will offer payment services for the majority of the population specifically the rural poor or those who do not have access to bank accounts or financial services. The system will also offer to customers a proxy credit rating that can be used by financial institutions to offer formal financial services, thus enhancing financial inclusion.
2. One Forum will be organised to leveraging existing partnerships with national Ministries of telecommunication, post and transport, Labour, Youth, and local not profit organisations, which already run programmes in collaboration;

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Less than $50

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To organise National Entrepreneurs and Women Forum on employment and Internet& ICT issues. Build partnerships
1. Through meetings, gatherings, workshops and seminars to approve new policies on women and communication
2. Build capacity of New Medium and small Enterprises (MSEs) using ICT to improve women economy and finance

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Operating for 1‐5 years

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JETIME works closely with three types of partners-ASASS-BURUNDI, ABC4ALL, ECONET WIRELESS TELECOMMUNICATION OF BURUNDI. There are other civil society and private sector. We are renewing partnership plan to include directly the Ministry of Transport, Post and Telecommunication, Finance Ministry, Ministry of Labour and higher education to harmonise our services with national job creation plan and women participation. The Society civil sector, we work hands in hands with not profits NGOs working with women and youth. We encourage local youth to present JETIME in the community. In Private sector we have decided to work together with ICT centre, cyber internet coalition to ensure good organs of workers and strengthen services “JOB-SEEKERS”.

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JETIME is an enterprise, foundation for all: As a not profit foundation, JETIME run services and create income generation programmes. Subscribers to free SMS and Free VoIP mobile calls pay premium subscription fees. New ideas were generated during meetings. To start generating resources and requesting payment of services job-seeking. In 2010, CVs; employers pay a small fees to post jobs and search CVs. This model will help to earn small revenue from internet about $1/month per job-seeker and a net average of $10/month per employer.
Designing and Printing services will also be added. Items produced will be sold. Fees collected will help the foundation to be self-sustained. 240 orphans and 60 widows will be supported by that fund.
Furthermore, some members have investigated 20.150 USD since 2008 as start-up fund to launch JETIME society and promote entrepreneurship in the community. Another member added capital of 9.000 USD. We we continue to discuss over long distance about new partnership opportunities.

The Story
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The experience of Jean-Claude KAMWENUBUSA in poverty, unemployment and digital divided issues are the main motivation which stimulates him to help others. He knows about poverty, malnutrition, war, illiterate and lack of access to ICT. He wanted to make sure no youth, children and women suffer from unemployment, poverty and digital divided. His both lovely parents died during war, so he couldn’t go in University. He worked hardly to find money to pay an expensive private high school. Completed high studies he didn’t find job. He found out that best way to find job is to create it with others. With digital divided it is not easy to find job or get connected to consultants and job carriers. Since then he started to volunteer online and collaborated with PH.D professors to create University Terimbere of Burundi (UTEBU), which is led by PH.D Doctor, Rector Balthazar MPAWENAYO 2009. With desire to start academic year in August 2010, he wish to help students in Burundi to lean Business and Management in Information Technologies and Computer Sciences (ICT). Trained on Internet Governance and ICT policy, he wanted to contribute and create job for all. He decided to investigate his time, resource and efforts so that ICT and INTERNET can help to end poverty and unemployment. JETIME FOUNDATION has become innovation society for all.

Tell us about the person—the social innovator—behind this idea.

Social innovator is Jean-Claude KAMWENUBUSA has participated with A Better Community For All (ABC4All), in development for more than 12 years. Since then, JETIME FOUNDATION was created in the mission of ABC4ALL: mission includes "Maximizing Charitable Contributions on and off the Internet." ABC4All also aims to bring advanced technologies to the world representing Global Humanitarian Relief (GHR). Herein lies an opportunity offering tools for everyone to think globally and act locally for sustainable development, indeed, a potentially better world for all.
Jean-Claude KAMWENUBUSA is simple, a self-motivated, dynamic young who volunteered much time. Is an avid social devotee, his passion is to empower and inspire people to realise their potential to bring about positive change within their communities and families.
He has enough skills in internet and ICT issues. He is able to help women and youth in critical situation. Job, communication and access to fundamental need, are urgent human needs. He help to strengthen people. He speaks native KIRUNDI, French Fluent, English good; Swahili Fluent, and other African languages.
The activities that he has participated in, have contributed to his concern about different cultures and habits/attitudes as being mostly carried out together with people of other nationalities or religious and social background. He has experienced long-term in several foreign countries, he has discovered his positive attitude towards international and multicultural environment.

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