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Mobile technology, including everything from inventive applications for smart phones to simple text messaging, is increasingly ubiquitous in the developing world and holds great potential for impact in areas such as finances and agriculture. M-banking is a mobile application that support services to deliver agriculture information and finances services to farmers' mobile phone in Congo.

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Av.Tshitenge 30 Q.Masanga Mbila C.Mont Ngafula

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The Information and communication technologies, especially the mobile telephony are an extremely cost-effective tool to deliver agriculture information and finances services to farmers quickly and at an extremely low price.

Using mobile technology, M-Banking Application tools for delivering agriculture information and finances services to farmers in rural and isolated areas of the Democratic Republic of Congo is particularly appropriate for targeting farmers in rural and isolated zones which may lack access to others forms of information sources and access to Banks but have to become increasingly connected via mobile technology.

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M-Banking is a market-driven change project.
Using the triple bottom line(People, Planet,profit) standards adopted by United Nations and ICLEI TBL in 2007, M-Banking application will impact to the conditions of life for many farmers (people) in Congo, and generated incomes(profit)and finally to ensure a better planet(environment) that will be the result of education/training information deliver to farmers on different methods or skills to protect the environment. In rural zone in Congo, it's estimate that only 1/50 farmer have access to agriculural market information and finances services. The introduction of M-Banking application will help them to have a comfortable source of information on agricultural market and to finances services.

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Across developing countries, millions of people rely on informal economic activity and local level networks to earn their living. Most of these populations are from bottom of pyramid and they don’t have access to basic agricutlural market information and financial services/banks are costly and very limited. However, the outstanding growth of mobile sector worldwide has created a unique opportunity to provide social and financial services over the mobile network

Over the years, Information and Communication Teechnologies Update has covered the many ways in which mobile phones are used to promote agricultural,rural development and finances sectors. The technology has proven so useful that it is likely to remain a popular method of information delivery for some time to come. A recent World Bank report noted that mobile phones were ‘the single most powerful way to extend economic opportunities and key services to millions of people’. The report added that in the next few years almost all new customers connecting to mobile phone networks will come from the rural areas of developing countries.

Farmers living i rural and isolated zones in Congo often lack a comfortable source of agricultural market information and access to finances services.

For that reason, we decide to develop M-Banking application that will connect the " Unconnect" farmers to agricultural market information and finances services throught Mobile Apllication (M-Banking).

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The Team of M-Banking will developed a mobile application that can be run on a wide range of java-enable phones delivering agricultural market information and finances services.
The information will be Sms, mms, videos that provide market prices, opportunities, cooperative news, exchange rates, training skills for farmers, credits, insurances, banks information, and M-Banking application will include tool for payments,etc

M-Banking application will be developed in many local languages from the Democratic Republic of Congo to reach a larger audience of people.

M-Banking will be developed to tackle two objectives:

- To Collect and deliver agricultural market information to farmers.

-To connect farmers to bank to get access to credits, insurances, exchange rates,etc

M-Banking will follow a three-phase plan. During the first and second phases, the managment team will developed a mobile telephony platform; refine product and services and alpha test among focus groups of farmers and banks and the product will be deliver.

To meet the objectives of the first-two phases, M-Banking team will incrementally hire 5 additional staffs; the third phase will include the operation,expansion of M-Banking and evaluation period.

Risk in the development of M-Banking

At this point the future looks very bright. Currently our primary concern is finding financial support to start the development of application.

- Need to recruit top developers
- Need to have access to different mobile carrier networks.
- Need have banks agreement partnership.

Results: Describe the expected results of these actions over the next three years. Please address each year separately, if possible

- We except than in 3 years of M-Banking successfully operation, M-Banking will be expanded to all regions of the democratic republic of Congo and will included additional services.

- We except that M-Banking will connect more than 300.000 farmers in finances services in Congo.

- We except that M-Banking will provide agricultural market information to more than 300.000 farmers in Congo.

How many people will your project serve annually?

More than 10,000

What is the average monthly household income in your target community, in US Dollars?

Less than $50

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Our innovation seeks to stimulate the governement of Congo to promote social Entreprise innovation as tool for poverty reduction.

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Idea phase

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Partnership is very important for the M-Banking as we will work with finances services/Banks, we need their agreement to provide services and ressources behond finances sectors.

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M-Banking will be financed by revenues from :
- Capital invested by the founders
- Sale of M-Banking application
- subscription fees to farmers
- Advertising revenues on Mobile

The Story
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I have just think about potential of mobile telephony to serve and to connect the " unconnected" people in developing countries. The case of rural and isolated zones come as results of ITU AFRICA TELECOM 2001 held in South Africa where, young people have been invited for the first time to discuss about the digital divide in rural and isolated areas in Africa.

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Narcisse Mbunzama Lokwa, is a native of the Democratic Republic of Congo, a founder of Infogroup International, former African Environment Outlook for youth in Central Africa Coordinator at United Nations Environment Programme/UNEP and IT young leader for International Telecommunication Union, he’s winner of considerable Information Technologies awards and prices in the World. Narcisse Mbunzama Lokwa has studied Computer Science in Örebro University in Sweden.

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