Microeconomic Development and Social Enterprise

Microeconomic Development and Social Enterprise

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A 'Marshall Plan' for Ukraine which includes childcare reform, internet development, microfinance and the creation of a faculty for social enterprise with sssociated social investment fund.

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People-Centered Economic Development UK
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, KL

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People-Centered Economic Development UK

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+44 1594 563653

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Briarwood, Folly Rd, Parkend, Glos, GL15 4JF

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More than 5 years

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, KL

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The P-CED model of a profit-for-purpose business applying profit to leverage investment in economic development was conceived in 1996 in a paper delivered by founder Terry Hallman and subsequently deployed to leverage investment for a microfinance initiative in Russia. The 'Marshall Plan' published in 2006 is a copyright document. This plan sets out a nil overall cost strategy with profitable components underwriting those of less than full cost recovery.

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After delivery of the paper in 2006, Ukraine's government announced childcare policy changes which led to a 40% increase in domestic adoptions over the next 3 years. Affordable broadband was made available a year later and in response to requests for assistance in the creation of a social enterprise investment fund, the new East Europe Fouundation was established.

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Poverty which institutionalise children who are abandoned to the state and then rendered onto the streets to fuel an HIV epidemic, child prostitution and trafficking which completes a vicious cycle abandoning yet more to the state.

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Our work is both activism and advocacy and is funded by our profit for purpose approach which deploys revenue earned in the United Kingdom from software devlopment to fund the core costs of operating in Ukraine. That has remained sustainable over the last 6 years.

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Several impacts have already been made in childcare reform, internet accessibilty and support for sustainable community development. Greater visibility will draw attention to the most vulnerable children, those disabled and institutionalised who have so far been overlooked. Recent awareness of the social investment fund concept in the US will raise awareness of possibilities for doing similar on an international scale as indicated by GIIRS.

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More than 10,000

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$50 - 100

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As described above in impact already created which can ne found in links on this page.


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Operating for more than 5 years

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We supply software services to both commercial and public sector, serving government, healthcare and corporate customers who have retained our services for up to 20 years. We are in need of increasing revenue by attracting new customers.

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As described earlier. Software services in the UK fund core operations. All infomation on the business model and strategy plans is found on our website www.p-ced.com

The Story
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The point at which founder Terry Hallman fasted for economic rights in the US and we determined to apply his ideas on a national scale initiative.

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Terry Hallman was a nonprofit founder who'd focussed on MIA serviceman in Vietnam. In 1996 he was invited to serve on the steering group of the Committee to Re-elect the President. With no brief he determined to produce a paper with his ideas for a new people-centered economic paradigm and a social purpose business model.

His work led him to Russia where he'd leveraged investment for a microfinance initiative which resulted in around 10,000 new businesses. with more than 80% created by women.

He'd then moved on to Crimea to follow up with a strategy for social enterprise within a repatriated Islamic community. With the backing of P-CED UK he'd returned in 2004 to construct a national scale strategy for social enterprise.

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Social media (e.g. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn)

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