Recycled Stationary

Recycled Stationary

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nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector
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To recycle past pieces of paper homework by students and create new stationary for students from these recycled homework.

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Every year, thousands of tonnes of paper is used to print homework and notes for students. These homework and notes are simply chucked or thrown away one the assignment is over or when a student's studying life ends. We plan to make use of this untapped resource to in turn create paper stationary that can also be of use the students.

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By recycling old homework from students, tens of thousands of tonnes of paper can be recycled and put to better use instead of ending up as excess pollution and wastage. Stationary can also be of use to students. This will also reduce the amount of material needed to make non-biodegradable plastic stationary. The paper stationary are in turn biodegrable and will not pollute the earth once they have ended their pragmatic use.

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Excess pollution, active recycling.

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Enlisting the help of chosen school's Greenlink Clubs to promote and spread the message of recycling and the existence of this recycling homework to stationary project.
Put recycling bins in conspicuous places in the canteen.
Make prototype stationary as attractive as possible and display them beside the recycling bins in the canteen. This will attract students to purchase the stationary once they have been produced. And will also encourage students to recycle more of their old homework to enable more production of paper stationary.

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Year 1: Generate and increase interest of students in donating more of their old homework and actively purchase the paper stationary.
Year 2: Extend project to all pre-U schools in Singapore.
Year 3: Expand business into an active recycling company catering to the less-reached residents living in private condominiums, where normal recycling companies do not access to. Also, begin providing paper stationary to less-fortunate children for free instead of selling them.

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$1000 - 4000

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Idea phase

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We are an independent group of students who plan to spread the message amongst students, therefore the only organization and partnership vital to the success of this course would be the school's support in giving us space and avenues to spread our message.

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This venture is not one that requires a high start-up cost as recycling is free.

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Us, students, who noticed the mounting rubbish on the streets and the derelict conditions the school's normal recycling bins were in.

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