Save the World Through a Song

Save the World Through a Song

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$1,000 - $10,000
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We help independent African musicians sell digital downloads of their music, and earn money for their work. In addition to helping to infuse local economies with capital earned through digital downloads, we also have occassional promotions to give a percentage of our earnings to worthy causes - such as Hanna's Orpahange in Ethiopia.

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The West has often ignored African musicians, only focusing on select musicians and promoting them as "world music." Instead, we recognize the beauty in African music and the purchasing power of the Diaspora community. Bringing thse two groups together can have powerful potential for the development of African artists, the economies of their respective countries, and the world.

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We selling the music of artists from Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia, Nigeria, Sudan, Eritrea, and more. Their musis is now accessible to everyone in the world with an Intenet connection.

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Our challenge is enlisting even more artists, and marketing their music to the world.

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We are getting involved in strategic partnerships with other organizations - both for-profit and non-profit - especially community-based organizations that are reaching out to the youth.

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We intend to reach the entire African Diaspora, as well as communities of avid music lovers who want to enjoy the unique beauty of African music. We hope that our success as a business will allow us to support social causes, such as orphanages and music programs for the youth.

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Less than $50

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Operating for 1‐5 years

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We seek to partner with grass-roots and community organizations that are serving the African Diaspora communities, which will be essential for raising awareness about these musicians and the importance of supporting the arts. Partnering with for-profit ventures will help us gain the type of momentum that we need to leverage the technological platforms for distributing music.

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Funding projects like Hanna's Orphanage is done through our proceeds. Even though we haven't reached break-even, we can still donate what ever funds we earn.

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My wife volunteered at an orphanage in Ethiopia, and it is heart-wrenching to learn about the lack of support these organizations receive. Or worst yet, there are many orphanages that mis-use the funding that they do receive - where administrators use them for personal purposes rather than helping the children.

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I have worked on Wall Street as a financial writer and analyst. I have been collecting music since the fourth grade, and traveling every chance I get. I often find the "capitalistic" component of Wall Street very unfulfilling and self-serving. I realize that I was put on this planet for more than just making money. God has blessed me with the opportunity to graduate from two Ivy League universities, earn decent salaries, and live in a country will an amazing amount of freedom. I feel that I owe a debt to the rest of humanity to use my blessings in a way that can benefit the world.

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