Action for Women in Papua New Guinea

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Action for Women in Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea
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Our idea is to form a strong lobby group to influence the Government for the rights of women and to set legislation and policy that protect women in Papua New Guinea. We also hope to empower women via community mobilization to change cultures that value women as less. I work for & with a few women's groups and organizations in Port Moresby but predominantly in rural villages where they face a spectrum of abuse that is both shocking in range as in composition. Many women due to local cultures, lack of funding, lack of awareness and lack of education have to live with violence both physical & emotional and little seems to be done by the government and our hope is to be active enough to change that and make a safe healthy environment for all women in PNG & elsewhere

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Iokea Village & Women's Development Foundation
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Iokea Village & Women's Development Foundation


, NC

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Iokea Village & Women's Development Foundation

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0094 770504497

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428/94 Eden Gardens Samagi Mawatha, Colombo. Sri Lanka

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, NC

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Our project is in idea stage and however we already active in the areas that we hope to make the difference for Women in Papua New Guinea. The project will begin operation by mid 2011 to organize and mobilize for effecting change for the safety and welfare of women all over Papua New Guinea and West Papua.

What kind of beneficiaries is your initiative addressed to?

Women, Girls, Youth, Society in general, Media.

Describe the profile of the beneficiaries of this project

The project will benefit the whole of society, our aim is to set up an organization that will influence the Government and leaders of Papua New Guinea to value the lives of women in PNG and give them the protection they need to secure a well family & society. We aim to change society to include women, we aim to give women a voice and platform to voice their concerns and to get those in the corridors of power to make the changes that are so desperately needed for the future of women & families.

What is your initiative’s implementation strategy?

Our strategy is already in discussion stage and we have lawyers, doctors, business & prominent women and we have village women who are prepared for change. Funding permitted we need to set up an office of operation, we need to make ourselves available and promote our aims for women to get involved and be part of the solution for change. We hope to register our group, we hope to informally educate the rural majority on their rights via the different ways of communication and together take our concerns to government. We know that women are their best advocates for positive change and its funding, organization and mobilization that is required to make that change that will protect women from violence and hardships they face with it.

In your opinion, what are the main barriers or obstacles in connection with this theme?

There are many barriers as PNG is a strong patriarchal society where little has changed for the better for women's lives.
I believe that women have to be encouraged to speak out as by culture & society women are afraid to go against the norms so informal education and access to free & easily available information and ways to economic and capital markets using local skills and to show them independence to their rights so they can find courage & choose to be violent free. Lack of funding to do all the above however using the right mentors and influences governments can see the need and the benefit of such a group and work with them to improve and reduce the high levels of violence against women.

What type of partnerships you have or intend to generate strategic alliances with for the development of this initiative? Choose all that apply

State departments or areas, International organizations, Non-Government organizations, Private companies, Social organizations, Universities, Schools, Other.

Describe with whom you have generated these alliances and how

General society and policy makers.

What are the main results generated and/or expected to generate by means of this initiative?

Is to address the increasing levels of violence against women in PNG to reduce the intensity and severity of violence.
To influence the government to hear and provide necessary funding and resources to alleviate the levels of violence.
Education & empowerment for women
Education men & general society and policy makers.
Secure the safety of women in PNG for the future
Secure the wellness of women & society.

What is the main impact that your initiative might generate?

Our main impact is to get the Government to make the necessary changes to the current dire situation that women are facing today and to immediately act to put into place intervention programs, victim safe house, laws, policies and community efforts that will make it safe for the women of Papua New Guinea.

We want to protect women, so they can protect their families and make well societies.