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Papua New Guinea
Project Summary
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To capture the reality of the violence that women face everyday and the hardships they endure in the villages of Papua New Guinea with little help or support and how they live with it, I would like to tell & show their stories in a visual format to highlight the extent of the problem for the victims, the rest of society and to influence Government & policy makers to see that PNG has some of the highest domestic violence cases in the world, it is estimated by Amnesty that two-thirds of women experience violence by their husbands & 60% of men participate in gang rape and the personal stories from these violated women need exposure as still little is been done to bring the levels & intensity of violence down. I hope that by telling the stories via short films for communities, schools & Governments to take action immediately to implement intervention to protect & secure the future for women of PNG & other similar places. I want to introduce & set up a platform for women to use social media to influence positive change that improves their lives, to give them an insight to how media can present their stories for their own education & others & that their harrowing life stories are worth showing & telling for the greater good.

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When was the project initiated? or When are you planning to begin?

The project is scheduled to start in September 2010. The project is at planning stage, we plan to move to the villages for filming and capturing the stories in September permitting organization & funding is in place.

What kind of beneficiaries is your initiative addressed to?

Women, Girls, Society in general, Media.

Describe the profile of the beneficiaries of this project

I want to tell their shocking and sad stories to highlight a grave problem that is getting worse everyday for the benefit of society & government to act to benefit & secure the lives of battered & abused women today & tomorrow, children of dysfunctional families and societies that get desensitized and socialized into violent behaviors. My films will show stories that need to be told to make the problem visible for all to make the changes and to encourage women to tell their stories for awareness, their protection and their future. We will show the films to the victims, the perpetrators, society & government education and to create change for all.

What is your initiative’s implementation strategy?

My small team & I hope to spend at least two months in each Village a total of 3 Villages initially to document the stories and to capture the situations, we hope to talk to village women all or as many to collect information and to get an understanding of the reasons to the high levels of violence. We will use local actors to tell the stories to protect victims. Many parts of PNG have cultures that make such issues taboo however we have two village groups who are very willing to participate. Once set up in the villages we will film. During the project we hope to have discussions on domestic violence with the villagers, we hope to organize prevention organizations to give talks and bring awareness information to be distributed.

In your opinion, what are the main barriers or obstacles in connection with this theme?

The main barriers on such a complex subject is hard to define but if we can help solve even by making the problem visible than it is a start. There are cultural barriers, some men will not discuss the issue and many older women will have reservations too, from talking to the women the younger women are easier to discuss the issue. We understand the complications with such a topic in a strong patriarchal society like PNG but unless we seek to create change we cannot make change , we will work with all who wish to highlight the problem to help solve it and lessen its impacts on society and improve the lives of women in PNG & everywhere. Most of the barriers will be culture based and we are familiar with that, there off course financial and mobilization issues too as we hope to get to villages that are hard to access and there are security issues been women ourselves however our local group is on hand to assist & support this project.

What type of partnerships you have or intend to generate strategic alliances with for the development of this initiative? Choose all that apply

State departments or areas, International organizations, Non-Government organizations, Social organizations, Schools.

Describe with whom you have generated these alliances and how

We are in the process of contacting schools and Government departments if they can assist, we do have the support and participation of two village women's groups and possibly another in Port Moresby. Depending on the availability of funding we can easily make the arrangements for assistance from organizations that can be of help to assist our project. Through the alliances we will seek donations or support, we can also sell the films to schools and government organization for awareness programs.

What are the main results generated and/or expected to generate by means of this initiative?

Our main aim is to highlight the extent and intensity of violence that exits towards women in PNG and to bring it to the attention of society and Governments so that action can be made on policy, legislation, prevention and community mobilization to make it safe for the lives of women in PNG today & tomorrow. By making the issue a serious concern for all we hope that changes can be made to improve the lives of women and of society too. We will give women a platform to make aware their concerns.

What is the main impact that your initiative might generate?

Show the suffering and the impact violence has on women and its impact on society. How its affects family and many other parts of community and how it hinders economic development so that policy makers can step in to intervene as the problem is at serious levels and needs attention by all.