Socio-Economic Interface for Violence Elimination (SEIVE)

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Socio-Economic Interface for Violence Elimination (SEIVE)

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Ninety percent of domestic violence that is suffered by women is hidden in the emotional, psychological, sexual and social spheres.By far the legal systems mainly address the physical sphere.Our innovation redirects attention to the devastating and often prolonged forms of hidden domestic violence. My idea places men at the forefront of protecting women against domestic violence.Men are the majority of perpetrators of sexual, physical, emotional and psychological abuse of women.We believe that this violence is more effectively dealt with by removing it in men rather than merely shielding women from an evil that continues to exist and grow in the male population. Striving for Gender equity should no longer be considered a solely womens' thing,a perception that is in itself abusive too.
Our innovation is in the method of handling abuse at its roots.It stems from our research findings that abusive men had suffered or been exposed to violence in their childhood;that violence as a means of conflict resolution was a learned behavior;We agreed with most schools of psychology that dominant adult behavioral patterns were formed and established in the earliest years of childhood.
It is well known, for instance, that men who were sexually abused in their childhood turned out to be sexually abusive in their adult life; an unconscious reliving of childhood impressions that they had been exposed to.The surest way to end sexual abuse and violence is to remove it in those who already have it and to prevent the next generation from any exposure to it.
This innovative principle, little noticed in the world, applies to all forms of violence, right from open terrorism all the way down to the hidden forms of domestic violence in the privacy of one's bedroom. Domestic violence can be compared to a statement that can be completely deleted only when its subject, object and verb is deleted.
Our work therefore focuses on protecting children from exposure to domestic and public violence by lobbying law makers to criminalise all exposure of children to violence, even in homes; to sue parents that fought in the presence of children as well as persons who used the cane on school children and youth. Many countries still uphold the use of the cane on schoolchildren.
We set up an office where conflict could be resolved by non-violent, non-confrontational means;where spiritual, social, psychological methods are used in counselling sessions; where people experiencing violence of all kinds, especially domestic violence could find approopriate help.
We wanted gender violence to be included as a compulsory subject in schools and institutions of learning.
We wanted more attention to be paid to appropriate forms of behavioral change.Alcoholics, drug addicts, wife batterers needed more than imprisonment for their behavior to change permanently.
Society needed to rethink the current trends of conflict resolution that continue to expose the next generation to an endless cycle of violence. This included war,capital punishment,public corporal punishment, wife battering,mob justice, gang rape,torture in prisons and public assualt of people by law enforcement personal and police brutality.
Physical forms of domestic violence are the final expression of years of less visible psychological, emotional and sexual abuse. We use psycho-social and spiritual counselling methods to address hidden but devastating forms of abuse.
Arguing from the fact that the boy child adopts his father as a role model it makes sense that men will continue to be the main perpetrators of domestic violence. This is proof for the psychological claim that dominant adult behavior is established in childhood.Here is an innovative way to get parents concerned about who their child's role model might be.Domestic violence can only be completely eradicated when children have no violent role models to adopt; when potentially violent behavior is addressed in men, women, youth and children...a new way to get the whole population involved in the fight to end domestic violence.

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Socio-Economic-Interface for Violence Elimination (SEIVE)



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SEIVE (SOCIO-ECONOMIC INTERFACE FOR VIOLENCE ELIMINATION) was born in 2005 out of a need to address the fact that perpetrators of domestic violence continued to be violent even after serving prison sentences or paying fines.By 2007 it had spread widely and was officially registered with the district development office in Mbale, as a non- profit CBO (commuity based organisation)on the 4th of April, 2007. (Charity No.1732)

What kind of beneficiaries is your initiative addressed to?

Women, Girls, Youth, Society in general, Media.

Describe the profile of the beneficiaries of this project

Our primary beneficiaries are survivors of violence, particularly domestic violence;women whose husbands entered our programs.A percentage of their husbands savings would be handed directly to them.
Indirect beneficiaries are youth clubs, girls and boys.We visit and give seminars on the nature of violence in general and domestic violence in particular.We get involved in pre-marital counseling.
The men were involved in common income generating activities and in group discussions of specific acts of violence that occured in the community as well us in public to condemn of acts of domestic violence.We get them involved in social and economically productive activities.we pull them out of a lifestyle that encourages social irresponsibility and ultimately violence.
Gradually whole communities and society in general benefit; families, schools, youth clubs, womens associations, prisoners, survivors of war and violence.
Due to its self-propagating nature,new categories of people are showing up; sex traders,delinquent youth,alcoholics,lawyers, medical doctors...
The media benefit from increasing reports of incidents by our volunteers. They have more impact and relevance to societies.

What is your initiative’s implementation strategy?

We soon discovered that men, (our target population) did not go seeking help for their violent behaviour. However,they were ready to get involved in anything of economic and financial interest.We sought out perpetrators of domestic violence with the help of local civil authorities and involved them in common investments.Through donations and common savings we set up a small revolving fund.A small percentage of their profits maintained our office work and volunteers while the rest went to their families according to dividends.The only requirement for involvement in the scheme was regular attendance of meetings and active participation in the behavioral and attitudinal change programs we offered.
To prevent loss of funds we do not hand out cash as loans to clients. Instead our business manager goes along with them to pay for their marketing and sales items.This way, they get to receive only their profits, a tiny percentage paying the business manager.It is an innovative model that bigger enterprises at national level might adopt. Many public funds get lost in the hands of untrained investors.
Training focuses on how it works.What causes domestic violence, how to end it,and how to get fully involved in the project while earning a modest income at the same time.This is attractive to many unemployed youth and turns out to be an entry point into communiy involvement both socially and economically.
With the help of the police, prisons and legal authorities, we were required to report on the progress of perpetrators of violence in view of counselling that they received.Reports from their wives helped us evaluate that progress more objectively.
With the help of the media, radio and newspapers, we run public debates, wrote articles and publicised grave acts of violence.
Our implementation strategy is therefore based on how well we initially use business and agricultural schemes as a bait to draw clients into our programs.

In your opinion, what are the main barriers or obstacles in connection with this theme?

Our main obstacles are mainly about capacity building.We have not had any major initial funding for a revolving fund of reasonable magnitude; a seed fund that would enable us to initially involve many people in a common investment and ensure modest yields for individuals who are giving all their time to a program. Such a fund would make it possible for us to set up a self propagating and sustenant revolving loan scheme, employ qualified counselors and other personell.We perceive that a one time fund of a certain magnitude would pilot the initial investment that would make possible a self sustenant system. We do see its feasibility and progress in the limited scale at which we are operating and we notice this great potential for large scale involvement.We realise the eagerness of many more participants inspite of our inability to absorb all of them. Our client savings are proportional to their base capital investment often too small to buy land and build their own offices and counselling facilities. We look to a time when it might be possible to help communities set up small scale farming initiatives.
We are now renting a residential property.With a bigger initial fund we would be able to generate enough savings to fund our travel to many different communities' give more seminars and have a wider geographical impact on society as well as have more effective net-working and communication systems.
Obviusly we are bound to face opposition from violent and abusive authoritarian systems wherever they exist right from military dictatorships down to the wife battering polygamist in a rural remote location.There will be many cruel forces that have financial and political superiority over us.Like Nelson Mandela we shall have to confront oppressive cultural, political and legal systems with little or n protection for us.

What type of partnerships you have or intend to generate strategic alliances with for the development of this initiative? Choose all that apply

State departments or areas, International organizations, Non-Government organizations, Private companies, Social organizations, Universities, Schools, Other.

Describe with whom you have generated these alliances and how

We needed the permission of the Uganda comissioner of police to carry out programs in prisons. We work closely with the police who now make referals to us.
We have also held meetings with the ministry of gender and culture in the country to contribute to their national programs.
We are making wide use of organisations within the Ashoka fellows network. among these are the Mifumi network ( a womens rights organisation in Eastern Uganda, MHRDN, ( a network of human rights defenders in eastern Uganda), CREAW in Kenya that works against sexual and gender violence, empowering hands in Uganda that deals with female abductees Kony's army and dwelling places (uganda) that cares for street children. We are in tuch with the guesthuse in Rochester Minnesota that runs programs for chemical dependency and counselling, the North american cathlic conference on alcoholism and Mandala House, an organisation that recently introduced Yoga as a form of behavioral change in traumatised persons.

What are the main results generated and/or expected to generate by means of this initiative?

Both obvious and hidden forms of domestic and other violence will be prevented at all levels of social,political,economic and civil structures. Society will have been sensitised to less visible violence,including abuse in the fields of gender equity, maternal health,cultural traditions and immigration, childtrafficking and many others.
There will be a shift from purely punitive to more appropriate correctional methods of behavior change in society.Rehabs and professional counseling offices will spring up in Africa as well.
The under-privileged in society will become aware of their rights.This includes women,prisoners,immigrants, victims of Aids, the unemployed,sexual minorities and victims of forced marriages.
Women will be empowered and protected by the magnitude of social concern that acts of violence against them would draw.Perpetrators of violence would fear hurting anyone even in their own private homes.
Exposure of children and youth to any form of violence will draw wide and unpleasant publicity appropriately punishable;peace in society;the ending of public violence including mob justice;no sexual and physical abuse in detention; the inclusion of studies of violence in schools and other institutions educational programs in schools and other institutions;an online consultational kit for handling specific types of violent behavior;the criminalisation by the ICC of individuals who deliberately initiate war and other public violence; the ending of public capital punishment;the ending of domestic violence in all parts of the world;a new approach to ending nuclear arms race and terrorism.

What is the main impact that your initiative might generate?

At the least, our initiative will raise global awareness and generate new knowledge of the dangers associated with exposure of children and youth to violence.It will make men take resposibility for their own violent behavior in domestic contexts and will change public national policy on correctional methods,prison programs and education syllabuses.It will provide an opening for violent men to alter their lifestyles and become part of a more integrated and productive social network.Society would evolve into a powerful violence-condemning global force that any perpetrator of domestic violence would have reason to fear.
Because violence, especially domestic violence hinders development at the most basic unit of society, the family,its prevention will release the presently obstructed developmental potential of women and other marginalised groups.The world would progress faster and better.