The Best Videos from the 2009 Geotourism Challenge

The 2009 Geotourism Challenge attracted hundreds of outstanding businesses, ideas, and projects. As the competition nears its close, we wanted to spotlight the best geotourism video submissions. From photography excursions in Oregon, to river rafting in India, the following solutions did a fantastic job documenting their smart ideas with expert footage.

CapeRace Cultural Adventures creates a sustainable travel experience that promotes and protects Newfoundland's heritage, culture and scenic environment.


The operators of the Oregon Photo Safaris help travelers capture the beauty of Oregon's wilderness, teaching photography techniques while giving back to the majestic state parks and local community.


Guyana's vital ecosystems are at the mercy of loggers and developers. Conservation International Guyana has stepped in to protect the land and support ecotourism as an economic alternative. 


Women in Nepal are guiding tourists through the local terrain and scaling to new heights with the help of Three Sisters Adventure Trekking.


Estação Gabiraba has designed a model of tourism sustained by the local people in the Brazilian Amazon.  


The city of Bonito in the Mato Grosso do Sul State of Brazil is a thriving example of the many ways tourism can preserve nature and educate travelers. 

Saathi Outbound prepares at-risk youth in India to become mountain trekking guides, giving them the skills to earn a living and make the transition "from the mean streets to mountain peaks."


RiverIndia is committed to building a prosperous community with a bustling tourism industry along the Siang River. 


The community tourism network Trekaleyin is a native organization that educates trekkers on the traditional practices of the Mapuche area, Pehuenche, offering rides through ancient paths and generating income for the community.

Fundación Programa Andes Tropicales (PAT) specializes in community-based tourism in the Andes of Venezuela, Bolivia, and Argentina, creating new destinations in rural houses called “Mucuposadas."