Despite efforts to reform the education system in South Africa, low quality schooling remains one main cause for youth unemployment and poverty. Higher education is prohibitively expensive, and distance learning has not proved to be a viable alternative.


Maharishi Institute offers a support centre for accredited higher education partners (local and international), providing youth with career development training and financing opportunity which allows them to enroll in some of the finest higher education institutions in the world. The institute values its “learn & earn’ methodology by which students can pay their degree cost in four different ways: managing and maintaining the campus; mentoring younger students; working in real workplaces as interns; and providing services to their communities.


 2 main campuses in South Africa

600, 000+ students in total including online course participants etc.

More than 15,000 graduates went into the job market

Maharishi Institute visions to expand the model across Africa and beyond.


Learn and Earn. This model allows students to develop their professional skills while earning basic financial support for themselves.

Focus on the Individual. Through its Consciousness-Based Education model, the institute helps students understand how what they learn in the class connects with them as a person, and why it's useful in the world. With this approach students are able to learn at high speed and retain greater quantities of information compared to that of traditional educational systems.

Allow youth to express themselves. The institution values personal growth through fun. Students are encouraged to create and sustain clubs and societies as a way of strengthening their teamwork, and express themselves through theater, poetry, hip hop, kwaito, and a variety of African art forms.