Community Conversations

Community Conversations

South Africa
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nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector
$1,000 - $10,000
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We add value to spaces where the youths already play, perform arts, debate and come to see their peers do drama by infusing coaching, mentoring, emotional awareness development without inventing the wheel. We view that youths would like to have conversations on difficult and informative topics alike such as health and wellness(thoughts, feelings, beliefs, choices, decisions) and challenge their thinking (motivation, drivers, aspirations, expectations) on issues as HIV-AIDs

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Mixing sport, health wellness, culture and nature to tackle issues of identity, low sel-esteem and unemployment, we take 20 youths at a time to empower them in thier thinking and development process.We have noticed that when they meet to play, we could add value by challenging thier thinking further through coaching.We also create interactions between both genders to bring awareness on issues arising from difference or sameness particularly issues that continue to create conflict for instance that arising from people who are different from us (foreigners, sexual orientation, religious affiliation) and such conversations what are other ways to stop spreading HIV-AIDS a,omg the youths and what can be done about changing attitudes. Rather than wait for a big brother with big finances to kickstart delivery, we help community work with the resources that they have and build on that. We shift dependency into people giving service to themselves through being self responsible and owning their contribution to issues at hand. We have coached single mothers attending local service provider in business skills in how to perform better in business competitions as a way to fundraise than ‘mourn’ about lack of support from the ward councilors. We also have facilitated strategy/vision workshops with the executive board of local Metro Health clubs whose participating in hygiene, waste management and urban agriculture helps members on how to be more effective in their homeand street cleanliness, food security and production of it in the school premises within the community.
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Currently we are looking for partners.Initially a group of NGOs and private organisations backed by CORDAID were doing an initiative that needed our support.They stopped when CORDAID withdrew in some of projects in South Africa and now having been working directly with community based organisations hence community our services were valued and utilised well yet funding dried on us.This component of the project empowers youth more with flexibility than the agenda of the previous NGOs.Because youths are taken off street corners and start to do drama, urban agriculture, and wellness through health clubs funding is necessary to kick-start these initiatives so that eventually with more youths equiped to manage and lead the community can be self-sustaining hence partnerships will help with competences.For instance, governance issues in CBOs would greatly assist with resource utilisation and partnerships help us with role models for these competences meanwhile the more youths become aware of the world beyond the shacks the wiser their decisions hence support for their elders in the community.In this way they take ownership of their problem and create necessary solutions by themselves.

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The youths are already organised in their respective CBOs hence skills development of the youthsthrough facilitation would be the foremost activity, networking is a continuous activity and equally making sure participation of the current participants conitues into next cycle as a resource for the next participants.

The Story
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Having spent a year working with the community, I felt something more radical than the usual meetings would enhance the desired changes while keeping some of what we were doing in place. Adding wellnes to the facilitation helped bring in a component that is very useful to heal the community

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Munyaradzi Saruchera