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This idea was conceptualized with the following organizations concerns in the massive environmental degradation happening to Lake Lanao, where most of the stakeholders are not aware of the existing possibility that the lake may come to its extinction if not prevented. We have come up to a plan of organizing a DRAGONBOAT FESTIVAL named as RINAYONG FESTIVAL (Rinayong meaning "the rowing of the boats") The idea of Dragonboat is not new to the world but definitely new for us.

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Still some people are backward and thinking that they don't want to disturb the tranquillity of the lake.

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This idea is not new to the world but its definitely new for the people of Lana Del Sur. They would not set aside the idea of legends enchanting our lake as it has been in our minds since then. Reason why most water sports activity are not introduced to our place because of that belief. By this we will try to erase that notion and enjoy the place and the resources that we have. The mechanics, partially suggested by its frontrunners were, (1) include the participation of the Local Government Units, in both Provincial, Municipal and City level. Whereas, every municipalities will compete representing their municipality. There are about 39 municipalities in Lanao Del Sur and we are hoping that we could convince each municipal mayors to organize a team as representative for the said event. (2) the participation of the City Government and its Barangay’s which resides close to the lake. This representation would fall under the BALOTO (decorative AWANG or dug-out canoe for rowing) and the motorized LANSA (outboard launch) and the VINTA (sailboats) accompanied by the KANGGAKIT (kalilang on board a lansa) and KADAMAK (boats laden with provisions like betel nuts and accessories, mamis or delicacies, and food items).Which the major event would be the Dragonboat Racing Competition. The Amateur Rowing Association of the Philippines (ARAP) and the Philippine Dragonboat Federation had showed their interest and are willing to lend all their support, knowledge and expertise on this sport and (3) the clean up drive campaign for Lake Lanao which the participation of the schools and universities and colleges will be the acknowledged. And other more upcoming suggestions shall be considered as soon as the event will be officially laid on the table for discussion. As of now, only the mentioned organizations are doing the effort of organizing this grand event in the province for the year 2010.
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Many are willing to be p[art of this event and are willing to volunteer for this cause.
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We are trying to win the cooperation of the both leadership in the Provincial and City level. On the provincial level, there will be a inter municipal competition for the dragonboat racing and for the district place in the City a Vinta (colored sailboats parade) of boats will be their category. Schools and local government office will cooperate on the Clean-up drive covering the circumferential parameters of the lake. Organizations and individuals can be a volunteer.

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It will be a yearly event for the protection of our lake thus it will be organized and the impact will be monitored either if the stakeholders have learn some from the first event. If not.. another will be organized.. then another till the gaol of the activity is achieved.

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The non involvement of government entities.. cooperation of the stakeholders and funding.

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More than 10,000

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Less than $50

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All works and manpower that will be used is voluntary. Funds will be from sponsors who are willing to make this even materialize.

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Cooperation, Dedication, and Perseverance.

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Its mainly because of the current situation of our lake.. which one American author even made a book about our lake.. the title of the book is "Our lake for Others." The Lake generates about 70% of electricity to almost whole of Mindanao. But no preventive measure was done by the some officials of our land to protect our heritage.

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I met Prof. Pipalawan Naga, who is an advocate of the Save Lake Lanao Movement or SALLAM (meaning PEACE) since the 1980's. He had been fighting for this cause for almost whole of his life but seems nobody and none from the stakeholders are interested to listen to him. He have the same advocacy of giving something for the lake if not everything. We have not yet been introduced formally, only on the social internet website "facebook" though we live on the same province and at the same community. I am now presently in Dubai and will give up my day job for this cause, for this event. This is my little contribution for his noble intention and I had promised him that I will do everything I can to help him. Let me tell give some background reference of "Kaka Pip" ( I called him that way as a sign of respect "KAKA" meaning elder brother) The highlight of his career as an advocate was when he became the sole representative of the Lake Lanao on the 13th World Water Conference in China, which for over 12 conferences no one had been a representative of the Lake of Lanao, and as one of the ancient lakes of the world, like no one from us ever cared. Even I myself was trying to be one of the representative, but I was not that lucky. I learned that he will be attending the conference. But he made it possible, a dream I was trying to achieve but it is like having those dream when I heard that his statement was loud during the conference. Until now he is still connected in saving the lake. And this project will be his début project in wide scope after 26 years in SALLAM. HE has done many conferences but not a fund-raiser project same as this.

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