Affordable and Replicable, Super-Insulated, Disaster-Proof Construction ARSIDPC

Affordable and Replicable, Super-Insulated, Disaster-Proof Construction ARSIDPC

$10,000 - $50,000
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Safe Living in Harmony with Nature adequately meeting 21st Century Challenges that is energy efficient and utilizes Rain Water Harvesting, Passive Solar Heating and Shading, Technically Precisely Correct, Water Recycling, Solid & Liquid Waste Processing, Wind Catchers, Solar and Wind Orientation, Breathable Walls for Deionization and can take the challenge of Climate Crash or Global Warming. Capable of Integration with Household Nutritional Food Security. In short Self-Reliant, Earthquake, Tsunami, Fire, Flood, Explosion Proof. May sound idealistic but the perfect solution has been found after expending Rs. 3 million personal funds. The construction is based on Geodesic Domes that can be built through Permananent Shutterings with automated Pressure Injection for Rapid Mass Replication.

About Project

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All humans and the environment are direct beneficiaries of the Project and it is critical because there is a huge gap in housing and needs for the same. This is causing social unrest and provision of safe, comfortable and affordable housing as well as linkage with Livelihoods will transform the social landscape of society by provision of a vital need with hope for the future. The very network that will be laid during the execution of the Project is capable of Self-Governance, Self-Reliance and documentation of Society for Planning and further interventions as well as Revenue generation and gathering. Also for education, Emergency Provision, Health and Social Welfare. Indeed it is the harbinger for a Social Net of Safety for all.

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There is no similar effort that meets all of the criteria above or even remotely approaches it. The idea is innovative to the hilt, it engages communities for self-reliant adoption, creates complete supported ventures for new job entrants and unemployed or already employed yet under payed entrepreneurs, in collaboration with key Institutions for an Integrated solution, the construction itself is affordable, replicable, all-inclusive and sustainable, it has total respect for Nature, traditions but not present practices which are not sustainable and completely against nature. The issues addressed are homelessness, Safe Construction, Job Creation, Cultural Pride, Self-Reliance, Super Insulation with low energy requirements, Safety, Security, Participation and addressing poverty by establishing a symbiotic relationship with household enterprise and Eco-Safe Growing for Household Nutritional Food Security. The Delivery Mechanism worked out is absolutely fair and equitable as well as all inclusive besides targeting the most vulnerable classes of society and the disaster stricken. The Financing mechanism has been worked out to create wealth through refinancing of existing value and proposed value enhancement. The individual units in Community Housing are each Eco-friendly and are linked with central Water Purification, recycling as well as Solid & Liquid Waste Management. The designs are aesthetic and meld with nature. The subliminal message for the proposed inhabitants is one of Pride and Belonging in order to foster positive contribution to Society. There is no sililar mov
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The progress achieved by the Project is amazing as hurdles have been created into opportunity to uncover ways and means of reducing costs, increasing efficiency and replicability of delivery as well as improvement in technical and social design. The parameters for success for me have been Low-Cost Replicability Technical Excellence Disaster Proof Super Insulation I have met all of these in full verified from reputable independent sources including highly positive Technical Evaluation. Measurement is from achievement of affordability and replicability. The Technical evaluation by the Pak Army Corps of Engineers have approved the concept and agree that it is technically correct, disaster proof and super insulated. Civil Society is raring to go and Social and Financial experts agree with the Delivery and Financial Mechanism. What remains is a full fledged demonstration of the complete version as well as variants and add ons. I am well in the process of establishing the last step with my own financing at my own land.
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Tehreek-e-Pakistan Saani
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Tehreek-e-Pakistan Saani

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1 Gulistan Colony, College Road, Abbottabad

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More than 5 years

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Idea phase

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The founder is an Idealist who has striven to convert ideals to reality for over 20 years by undertaking practical R&D and Demonstration in many aspects of life that impact Nature through Bioenvironmental Management and Grass Roots activism. A parallel effort for inner development through affiliation with the Chistya Silsillah of Sufism was launched over 20 years ago and was rewarded with what is known as a Robe of Permission as well as access to intuitive understanding of problems and solutions in the realm of human social affairs and technical requirements.
Having joined the Army resulting from a mistaken push from parents, extreme dissatisfaction was faced early in youth. Finally the advent of Martial Law in Pakistan in 1977 decided to quit by resignation that was accepted in 1979. Pursued further studies in the US and returned to Pakistan in 1983 with a humble Post Graduate Diploma "Master Conservator" in Soil, Forest, Fisheries and Wildlife. Tried various business ventures including manufacture and machining but eventually turned completely to R&D for Self-Reliant Sustainable Development. Earned and reinvested over Rs. 10 million in 20 years mostly from earning in the field of Agriculture and Horticulture. Only Rs.0.12 million was accepted from the Swiss Development Corporation and about Rs. 4 million was donated/ loaned.
Took up High Profile Jobs at the IUCN, Prime Ministers Secretariat, Azad Jummu & Kashmir Rural Support Program and the Pakistan Agricultural Research Council as short term contracts to facilitate and finance R&D activities.

Social Impact
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Fewer than 100

How many people could be impacted by your project in the next three years?

More than 10,000

What barriers might hinder the success of your project and how do you plan to overcome them?

Social and Political unrest that is not aware of the effort can serve as a hurdle for dissemination. If my timing is correct then it can serve as a impetus to achieve targets for society without recourse to violence and disruption.
Pakistan's state of affairs are in a state of flux and I would refuse to work for extremists. I believe that achievement of my targets would circumvent their advent.
In case I do not complete the demonstration phase and get the ball rolling there is every possibility that events would overtake me and create a setback and delay till negative affects wither away

How will your project evolve over the next three years?

The next two months should see completion of the pre launch phase. After that my social contacts and network will work overtime at advocacy and inclusiveness. The requisite support can and will be gathered as this is already being undertaken.
My social, political, professional contacts and credibility gives me the boost to spread the word.
After that it is a matter of uptake, success would mean achieving the target of 300,000 homes within three years through a Network of independent and well trained target youth in all areas of Pakistan.
There is a strong possibility of International support through Blogs, Web Sites, Social Networks and Sites like yours.

For each selection, please explain the financial and non-financial support from each

Use of personal funds from legitimate sources. Non Financial support is from friends, family and personal social network

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The Project will be disseminated through sponsored training of Contact Youth, this aspect is being pursued through Govt, The Military and Corporates. The idea is being spread through a Blog at present and will be uploaded to a web site in English as well as in Urdu.
Media is actively involved and will be further engaged in dissemination and motivation.
As a Social Network already exists it will be used to get people mobilized.
I envisage a regular movement towards self-reliant sustainable development involving millions of people around the world. As this effort will join and network with all other similar efforts

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Financing, Design, Technology, Technical assistance, Labor, Sanitation, Infrastructure, Energy conservation, Green housing, Environment, Income generation, Urban development, Rural development, Citizen/community participation, Public policy.

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