Artisan in Mineral Water - Extreme Turbulence in Drinking Water Manufacturing operating on Green Utilities

Artisan in Mineral Water - Extreme Turbulence in Drinking Water Manufacturing operating on Green Utilities

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for profit
$10,000 - $50,000
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Community Based Organization combines Swiss technology into Cambodian business model to process low cost drinking water of the highest quality for villagers and city dwellers. Water treated with extreme turbulence technology increases the immune system resistance and significantly reduces recurrent medical visits and hospital expenses. Technology imprints original water frequency, unlike other commercial waters using expensive equipment that denature water. Mobile or fix system for villages operating on biomass generator developed at CBO.
Raw water enters pre-filtration holding tank, then feeds sterilization device and packed. Manufacturing model leans on low cost and very flexible to accommodate production and marketing plans using green electricity.

About Project

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Rural villagers and city dwellers are beneficiaries to grow lives on reliable green infrastructure. The project enables everyone to benefit from drinking water at moderate price. Concept leans on offering 30% of production capacity at near costing price to villagers and develops a commercial operation to retail high quality products to market. Initiative can demonstrate price competitiveness to traditional boiling water practice. We plan to inform communities on diseases related to water contamination, symptoms identification. Education on cost calculation is important factors to decide villagers to use quality water (time to collect and prepare wood, danger on boiling, medical visits, travels and drugs). Initiative focus on prevention on immune system enhancement to fight diseases.

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Non-contaminated drinking and cooking water access remains a critical issue in Cambodia for many living in rural areas. Today water treatment plants rely on technologies that need chemicals and material to purchase locally or imported. Initiative manufactures drinking water of highest quality up to 4,000 households. Water is positively charged to remove body toxins that enhance immune system / body resistance to diseases. Process is carefully designed to operate in total independence from imported material. Natural flocculation agent can grow in Cambodia; biomass is abundant to operate electricity and pumps. Water sterilizing device works with water pressure at a minimum of 4 bars. Water manufacturing and biomass energy respond to green utilities infrastructure at village level to become independent; manage utility product cost fully under control and envision a commercial activity from retailing water and electricity.
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Success is measured by the number of villagers switching to use drinking water quality for daily usage. By mean of survey, initiative works with village school teacher and community doctors to record school attendance improvement compared with previously accounted student for sickness. Same can be organized with factories human resource department. We aim to work with Kantha Bopha children hospital that has patients records in villages suspected with water contamination. In installing system in the village and monitoring health at local and hospital level we will obtain some very hard data on community health improvement. Commercial activities shall demonstrate sustainability in retailing 70% of products manufactured. Costing analysis will determine the minimum breaking point to retail products at low cost to villagers. Ultimately, the project replication rate shall demonstrate success in improving lives and reducing community members’ afflicted by diseases.
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Creative Coherence Fund
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Creative Coherence Fund

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+855 16 557 588

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c/o Pt’er AVY – Unslaved Community Based Organization, Veal Thom, Kompong Speu

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, KU

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, KU

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Less than a year

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Operating for less than a year

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Yvan Perrin spent 21 years in the Vietnam-Cambodia region tasting many absurdities in a region with very high potential. I face abject poverty, non-sense situation where utilities solutions provided are weak in concept and implementation. There is serious lack of vision and global perspective, based on empiric methodology to address weekly issues. Communities are left with no support.
Our initiative stated in 2010 growing from winning Lien I3 SMU Singapore competition to deliver biomass irrigation pump. We encountered withdrawal from one partner who did not transfer his technology to our Organization. We had to replace the initial steam operated pump by biomass operated pump in fuel switching a gasoline engine with flue gas.
Soonest the gasoline engine operate on biomass flue gas, it is easy to attach a dynamo or pump or air compressor to operate almost anything.
Water treatment technology was far more difficult to identify. It started promotion in early 2010 with excellent technical support from technology owner.

Social Impact
How many people have been impacted by your project?

Fewer than 100

How many people could be impacted by your project in the next three years?

More than 10,000

What barriers might hinder the success of your project and how do you plan to overcome them?

Removing heavy metals contamination from water have direct impact on water treatment cost. Arsenic is removed by feeding raw water through a sand filter that precipitate and filtered arsenic. Cheap process but water flow is limited to sand filter size. Site investigation shall consider location with non-contaminated raw water.

Awareness campaigns on water contamination and diseases related to the use of un-safe water has to be conducted to decide villagers to purchase drinking water. Boiling water can be dangerous and cost comparison has to take into consideration recurring medical expenses and drugs. Drinking water benefits remove body toxins and enhance immune system to gain on energy and fight diseases.

How will your project evolve over the next three years?

Water is prime importance in most manufacturing activities. High quality water opens opportunities to develop by-products such as rice wine, fruit juice and many other products.
Artisan in Mineral Water generates profit and replicate to as many locations in Cambodia as possible. Creative Coherence Fund co-investor into the project see an opportunity to gain on dividends to fund and develop other projects and new opportunities.

For each selection, please explain the financial and non-financial support from each

Friends and family
We do not recognize building a business on family and friends who has limited financial capabilities and objectives in live that may differ from day to day business.

Investment is strongly supported by individuals to become partners investing in time and other resources to projects.

Proposals were sent and are in the consideration process.

We plan to work with NGO to coordinate and select school feeding programs and other NGO activities.

System can be tailored for business and factories for water supply. Co-investment with Fund is thought to develop hybrid low cost water supply to business workers and in return we develop commercial products to market.

Regional government & National government
Very expensive to work with and time consuming with little or no interest in development.

This is our sources of revenue from city dwellers and villagers.

Micro Finance
We have in mind to work with them at Fund level to obtain co-investment for water system development

Leading banks invested in real estate, directly or through their clients. Much to develop in order to size and support water system for their operations and projects.

How do you plan to grow and/or diversify your base of support in the next three years?

The water business is in constant growth for several years now. Cambodia has not experience water products diversification yet and much has to be discovered in untapped commercial niches.
We expect slow response from villager consumers, as many are not aware of contaminations danger. Awareness is important to communicate and develop a relationship. The first year we target commercial focus on low income dwellers where water is costly. Through promotion we aim to select dwellers connected with native villagers to become distributors. In year two we foresee a solid customer’s base and a network of distributors in villagers, ready to consider water treatment model on site.
Project can be replicated from existing deep well or river access anywhere in Cambodia. Initiative model is to locate Artisan in Mineral Water plant in the near of populated areas to capture business and supply water at low cost to villagers and city dwellers.

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Technology, Sanitation, Renewable energy, Environment, Income generation, Urban development, Rural development, Citizen/community participation.

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Growing concerns on force evictions and relocation programs were that new locations are not connected to utilities and far from any business or work opportunity. Initiative responds to treat water on site and deliver low cost high quality drinking water to communities. Hybrid structure proposes opportunities for community members to retail drinking water and generate income.

Are you currently collaborating with private companies, or have you partnered with private companies in the past? With which companies?

The project is new in partnership with GIE of Switzerland and Pt’er AVY “Unslaved” Cambodian Community Based Organization.

Please describe in detail the nature of the partnership(s)

Pt’er AVY – Unslaved CBO is coordinating water treatment, sizing systems and installation. Distribute water and promote drinking water.

Creative Coherence Fund supports the expansions of business and assist in product development, business development.

GIE Switzerland supports technical and system advices based on water analysis and report from CBO and Fund.

Select the unit(s) with which the partnership was formed

Foundation of the company, Marketing department, Sales department, Logistics department, R&D department.