“Biorefugios” - Ecological homes that maximize energy efficiency

“Biorefugios” - Ecological homes that maximize energy efficiency

$10,000 - $50,000
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The aim is to create systems that are environmentally sound and economically viable, producing what is necessary to meet their own needs, not to exploit their own resources or pollute them, hence making them sustainable over the long term.
Urban approaches must consider to a lesser or greater extent the following: the resources used for development, the materials, energy, water and waste, the participation of recipients in the project, the sensitivity to observe environments and aspects of endogenous pollutant emission control, the revitalization of inner cities, and above all other criteria take care of the physical and mental health of its occupants.

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The goal of minimal impact and maximum integration is to minimize the negative effect that the building of our home and our subsequent involvement in the environment can have on the environment. From the time we place our home on the land we are indeed disturbing the ecology of the site. It is for this reason that our approach to sustainability has take action to correct these perturbations caused by our presence.

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• Integrate the urban area with population which it’s population; • Project at least one new service that will provide the new zone to the municipality; • Building being integrated into the environment; • Minimal environmental impact throughout project development process; • Planting native species of flora and soil improvement by increasing the level of humus; • Flexible interior spaces; • Locate Biorefugios that are at different degrees of intimacy in the development, thus promoting social relations in the community; • Several models of Biorefugios are required; • Use of renewable energies; • Use recycled gray water for irrigation; • Garden area for organic gardening, composting with the use of organic waste from homes; • Integration of community spaces to work, to hold meetings, activities, etc; • Secure children's play area; • Principles of community: designing outdoor spaces thinking about the possibilities of integration and participation of future visitors, as well as a sense of community. We cannot guarantee inclusion, but we can induce it; • Using natural means to establish the different zones; • When we build we must bring health as a priority and ensure that materials used both in construction and interior decoration do not contain harmful substances;
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We see it reflected in the number of comments that are left through social networking and architecture sites: http://www.facebook.com/?ref=home#!/profile.php?id=100000481377203 http://quierounacasaecologica.blogspot.com/
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Biorefugios - Viviendas Ecológicas que Maximizan el Ahorro Energético
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Biorefugios - Viviendas Ecológicas que Maximizan el Ahorro Energético

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Pedro León Ugalde 1954

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, RM

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Graphic designer by profession, with interests in overall aspects of design. In terms of work he is always looking to provide solutions in all design processes. Approaches in architecture - nature - art - photography.
The project stems from a personal need for healthier living spaces - harmonics and insurance, based on the question of how to achieve ways of building economic and rescuing traditional building methods when possible.
He has research many types of solutions for the construction of domes, such as "Geodesic Domes" and is looking for simpler alternatives to construction with the use of irons and nets for the base of the structure, but the use of natural materials for insulation.
He is in the constant search of more affordable structural alternatives with lighter materials such as cane, bamboo, associates or the like. Hence, the development of Biorefugios. These forms of housing that challenge the traditional morphology of cities, pushed into the background of straight lines, demonstrate empirically that the construction is possible in harmony with nature, using quality and nontoxic materials.

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Ecotourism has experienced a more dynamic activity, given that it focuses on the care, conservation and interaction with nature. It respects and seeks co-existence and knowledge of the communities involved and does not require a large investment in hotel infrastructure. Arguably, an important attraction for this market is to offer unique experiences which are not massive. The rise of ecotourism is also due to global concern about stopping the destruction of nature and the incentive to come directly in contact with , as well as to diminish stress, monotony and contamination in urban centers.

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Social networks and online publications.

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Design, Energy conservation, Renewable energy, Green housing, Environment, Urban development, Rural development.

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