Building Sustainable Community through a Network of Local Planners

Building Sustainable Community through a Network of Local Planners

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In 1996, Chad has adopted a new constitution that also launched the decentralization process. In order to boost the local economy, cities have been expanded and new ones have been created by merging communities with tremendous impacts on local activities. Even though Mayors are appointed to these "cities", their growth or creation do not follow a master plan. Over the years, local population experience pollution, loss of farm lands, deforestation, wildlife habitats, open spaces, etc.
Because local administrations lack of technicians to help in planning sustainably urban communities, our project aims to support in building a network of local planners, in providing training, manuals, technical advice on the filed, etc. The project started with a training on waste management in 2009.

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Youth, Women, environment, rural population. The unemployment rate is too high, and the chadian youth is powerless and the first to suffer from it. This project will empower them to generate income with e.g. waste management association. Women will learn to sort out their domestic waste and provide organic waste that could be used as compost for market gardening that they can develop in groups. These action will contribute to reduce the pollution. On the other hand, with the concept of planning, the impact on biodiversity and farmlands will be reduced. When looking at what is happening right now in the capital city where hundreds of homes are destroyed because the State needs land for new projects. Only if the city growth has been planned, all these costs involved could have been avoided

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Sustainable housing for liveable cities is process that needs to be taken into hands by both population and public administration. To make this process happens efficiently, the stakeholders need to understand not only the reason but the how-to. We are the first and unique consultant office in land management and land tenure in Chad. The country does not have urban planners in the commission or urbanizing even in the capital city. What makes our project unique is in the concept, as we seek to reach a population mainly illiterate, we will be using lot of visual aids during the awareness phase. At the end, the population should be able for example to sort their waste, and the local administration could generate income through its service.
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TerreMatic Consulting SARL
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armand nekar

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TerreMatic Consulting SARL

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BP 116 Doba

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1‐5 years

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Operating for 1‐5 years

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Having studied in Germany i got to get acquainted with the process of "village renewal" that boost local economy by providing public services that increase land value and therefore provide income to cover what has been spent. Also, the story of Napoleon that made Bavaria one the richest region of Europe with zoning and cadastre. From these two stories, local administration can provide services and develop strategies to cover the expenses. The reason is that land owners are eager for better living conditions and they know the price, because some even initiate collective actions to have roads and units of waste management.

Social Impact
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Fewer than 100

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More than 10,000

What barriers might hinder the success of your project and how do you plan to overcome them?

The Transportation means to reach some of the communities located far from the city of Doba. For that reason, we will organize seminars in our office in Doba, and make on field training when necessary. We will work closely with some of our local partners like World Vision to support us in our trips.

How will your project evolve over the next three years?

Over the next three years, our project will evolved in a partnership between Terrematic and local administration in providing technical expertise, and regular consultations with the network of local planners. The goal is to end up with a strong network that will continue in providing liveable and inclusive cities. This will include projects like: radio shows, bulletin of information, local screening of documentaries, etc. to continue in raising awareness.

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The first step of this project that we have done with the seminar on waste management in our office was supported through the contribution of friends and family. Some helped in preparing food for the trainees, and other with financial support.
Our office has developed activities in consulting, multimedia, printing and editing, etc. which help us in covering the expenses for the training.

How do you plan to grow and/or diversify your base of support in the next three years?

We plan to extend our project to the other regions. During the process of implementing we will make footage of the different steps that will help in making a documentary that we plan to present on national television to raise support. We also plan to deepen our partnership with World Vision through this project, and we will present it also to UN-Habitat for appreciation and possible support. The ministry of Land Management has launched a program that will support decentralized administration in putting in place public infrastructures. We will develop a collaboration with this program as we have already worked together for the seminar on waste management in Doba.

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Technical assistance, Infrastructure, Renewable energy, Green housing, Environment, Income generation, Urban development, Rural development, Citizen/community participation.

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We are a private company and we have been working with local businesses like other consulting offices (Bureau d'Etudes d'Impacts Environnementaux)

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When we work on environmental impact assessment, we work closely with BEIE in providing technical expertise. We work together for ExxonMobil.
We currently work on project that will provide surveyors and biologists to the Chadian Oil Project managed by ExxonMobil. Our two firms came together in a form of consortium to perform this project.

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Marketing department, HR department, Logistics department.