Eco friendly sustainable housing units while benefiting urban communities.

Eco friendly sustainable housing units while benefiting urban communities.

South Africa
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for profit
$250,000 - $500,000
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Interlocking solutions has developed a unique patented housing technology in order to assist overcoming housing shortages in rural or low-income communities. The developed technology lets members of the local communities members take part in the development of there own suitable, sustainable, environmentally friendly housing structures, creating jobs and training programs towards the development of basic skills while at the same time solving the need of adequate housing in various communities on a global scale.

The interlocking solutions technology is efficient and has the ability to deliver housing solutions in short time periods, this intern can assist government-housing programs which are facing housing backlogs for there people in urban areas.

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My project is beneficial that environmentally friendly materials such as hemp are incorporated into the structures Interlocking solutions has incorporated the use of solar in order to achieve power generation and hot water systems into the housing units in order to create a greener future. Community members both women and men benefit from the use of interlocking solutions technology. In the aspects of job creation and training which will assist the urban community members to achieve their basic needs of suitable sustainable housing structures. The technology is designed for community members to play a major role in the erecting phase of the housing units. By taking part in training workshops which will grant the community members with the necessary skills to erect there own houses.

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Interlocking Solutions is unique in many ways as it offers housing solutions, which can be produced in a time efficient manner. Interlocking solutions technology has also taken the environment into consideration in the aspects of material used and sustainability in the areas of power generation we have also incorporated the people living in urban environments to play a role in this project. Our technology can be manufactured out of mortar or alternatively environmentally friendly substances, which makes our structures eco friendly. Using specific natural materials for example proves to be one of the best insulators for hot / cold weather conditions. We have also chosen a solar power generation system to take care of electricity needs and chosen the option of solar geysers for hot water supply. As urban areas face a number of unemployment issues, we have taken the unemployment factor into consideration and have designed our technology to accommodate job creating and training workshops to help educate community members to develop basic skills. These training programs teach urban community members to assist with developing their own housing structures. We believe by doing this the individuals gain knowledge and have an opportunity to acquire jobs in society, which require hands on skills. Our technology also proves to be more efficient than traditional building systems. We offer high quality sturdy structures that can with stand harsh weather conditions making it suitable for use on a global scale.
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Interlocking solutions technology has recently completed the design patent and development phase, however through the first stage of pre-launch marketing assessments we have received serious interest in many different geographical areas in Africa. Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa and Angola. Governments have shown deep interest in the technology for their low cost government funded housing programs. As the interlocking solutions technology is efficient and can play a role to over come housing backlogs which the relative governments are currently facing. As the technology is versatile and can be adapted for many different applications we have had interest for it to be used in development programs that require deployable structures as well as major infrastructural development programs in remote areas. Interlocking solutions technology can be successfully used for United Nations humanitarian relief programs or other programs in this sector.
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Interlocking Solutions (Pty) Ltd - N3 Global solutions LLC.
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Interlocking Solutions (Pty) Ltd - N3 Global solutions LLC.

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D.U.N.S. Number 04961157

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1‐5 years

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Operating for 1‐5 years

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Myself Clinton Carr has founded the project; I have spent my life on the African continent, growing up around areas of poverty-stricken urban areas, I found it difficult to accept that people are living under such circumstances. Experiencing this first hand gave me the inspiration in which I set a goal to design and establish a platform in order to make a difference to the lives of these community members.

As most members in urban environments facing poverty lack basic education and have not been fortunate enough to be taught basic skills. I have studied these communities and highlighted their basic needs and incorporated this into the development of the interlocking solutions technology in order to benefit individuals in urban environments as much as possible.

It is my goal to uplift the lives of people living in poverty and rough urban environments, to assist with education and to supply suitable living conditions.

Social Impact
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Fewer than 100

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More than 10,000

What barriers might hinder the success of your project and how do you plan to overcome them?

Currently the barrier has been to gain access to the decision-making officials on government level in South Africa. The government runs subsidy programs. It is a difficult to enter these programs due to a number of circumstances and that there is preferential development companies being awarded government contracts.

I have shifted my focus internationally to other countries, which are in need of such technology in order to achieve housing solutions for their urban populations. A major volume of serious interest is currently being shown in various countries, as the interlocking solutions technology is versatile for many different construction projects.

I however plan to in the near future use micro financing in order to develop large-scale housing developments.

How will your project evolve over the next three years?

Interlocking solutions will evolve on a mass scale; in Africa alone the market potential is astronomical many countries are in need of urban housing solutions. The technology is efficient for critical infrastructure development projects for war torn countries or remote areas where raw materials are inaccessible.

It can be also be adapted and utilized for building high class houses in the mid to high income earning bracket which is a sector I would like to enter into as I feel it is important for new housing developments to be environmentally friendly and many individuals on a daily basis are becoming more aware of this. Growth potential is on a mass scale.

For each selection, please explain the financial and non-financial support from each

To date the founding & development process of Interlocking solutions has been funded 100% by myself individually. I have had support and assistance in design development by friends and family.

As the technology has only recently completed the design patenting and technical phase I am now seeking to raise adequate funding to setup the production facilities to deliver my versatile technology.

How do you plan to grow and/or diversify your base of support in the next three years?

I plan to grow my technology into major scale development projects focused on Low cost housing programs locally in Africa with and without government support (Area Dependent), I then plan to expand the technology on a global scale as the system I have created is versatile & unique in many aspects and can be used for many different applications. I.E Low cost housing, critical infrastructure and high end housing developments.

I also intend to approach businesses and NGO’s for capital facilities in order to offer micro financing solutions to the low to mid income earning individuals seeking adequate housing solutions and incorporate this when offering my housing units. Creating a complete solution to individuals in the low income-earning bracket.

By doing this we can offer housing solution more efficiently than that current being offered by local government housing programs. It is also viable from a profit perspective as your R.O.I is greater when micro financing is conducted In this case housing units will be supplied in house at cost price and financial benefit will occur on interest from the micro financing income generated.

I also intend to acquire foundational support as my concept and technology can be used in urban developments, Deployable shelters, and critical infrastructure development in remote areas. I will offer my solution to United Nations and Red Cross for humanitarian relief in the cases of earthquakes or floods or any natural disasters.

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Design, Technology, Infrastructure, Renewable energy, Green housing, Environment, Urban development, Rural development, Citizen/community participation.

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