Edificio Proceso – Self-Sustainable Housing

Edificio Proceso – Self-Sustainable Housing

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“Edificio Proceso” are houses that try to relate several variables to its conception, based on site-specific needs and society, which can mutate and be manipulated, providing a better response to these specific needs.

About Project

Problem: What problem is this project trying to address?

It directly benefits the people of lower social strata that are in shortage and precarious housing, so that they can choose (or hire purchase state aid) to achieve permanent housing. At the same time, people from low and middle strata with the possibility of emancipation, can opt for a better quality of life. It encourages further sustainable housing development that can enter the real estate field in order to be innovative in the field.

Solution: What is the proposed solution? Please be specific!

Adaptation of the project according to existing needs or requirements previously established which can respond to different scales of urban density, at different possibilities of urban integration, typology of housing diversity (different households), the possibility of progressively growing housing or final, social uses of common areas and its subsequent appropriation, social involvement in the decision typology of households and in its interior and exterior, social diversity and social integration, receive advance socially consolidated communities and / or affected by disasters. It is a solution that can be replicated by Industrialization adapted to different contexts and social realities, generating new social fabric.
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So far there has been no success, and hence the project remains as a proposal, but it may stand as a way to encourage people who are going to live in these areas to be organized on the basis of the proposal, creating possible new activities and giving, the same future users, value added to common property, ie, helping recoup their own homes.
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montanarellaguirre architects
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Aguirre Valdivieso

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montanarellaguirre architects

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56 09 93598401

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Hamburgo 738

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, RM

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1‐5 years

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We are architects who in recent years have been involved in environmental issues of Architecture and Construction, which has led us to tip the way of thinking in this area. Interest grew to propose a sustainable housing solution which is flexible enough to accommodate urban social complexities. Proposals that can help cope with the continuing growth of cities in a sustainable and social recognition, providing quality of life and may raise the same quality of life in an unfavorable environment.

Social Impact
How many people have been impacted by your project?

101 - 1,000

How many people could be impacted by your project in the next three years?


What barriers might hinder the success of your project and how do you plan to overcome them?

The lack of support and interest in the world could find private housing (possible new investments in industrialization) and the public world (any subsidies to renewable energy) for a venture to offer innovative market housing. To counteract the latter and encourage the project, acting through the media through advertising, offers, and this is accompanied by above all, with economic and energy calculations reliable and verifiable energy savings and return on investment, to stimulate action.

How will your project evolve over the next three years?

The project can be developed in any urban center or urban periphery devoid of housing and facilities for the population, therefore, it is a solution that can be replicated (with minor modifications in design, by climate and geography) to attack the lack of housing that occurs in cities. With this perspective, the project presents a wide range of benefits to interest new investors (public or private) in helping these new ventures in the project.

You can also submit consolidated and develop socially deprived areas of housing, may be established in communities.

For each selection, please explain the financial and non-financial support from each

The Regional Government grants support to renewable energy investment and subsidy mechanisms for obtaining public funding and political access to housing.
Business investment in general and private opportunity for innovation in the housing market, giving added value to their investments, and initiatives of companies in the field of construction and risk involved in innovation in sustainable housing within the city.
Foundations or NGOs in support of the public entity to coordinate people interested in applying to live in such housing, whether poor or not, consolidated communities or not.

How do you plan to grow and/or diversify your base of support in the next three years?

It is important to show the project to officials of smaller cities and towns where the "development" has not arrived or has been delayed in order to meet communities still not addressed.
The integration of the project in public policy and private initiatives in order to qualify for housing in possible future developments.
The possible implementation of a pilot housing and construction presentation at fairs or in need of the city neighborhoods as a source of encouragement and improvement in its design the same, according to the company approaches potential.

Please select your areas of intervention in the home improvement market

Design, Technology, Energy conservation, Renewable energy, Green housing, Environment, Urban development.

Is your innovation addressing barriers in the home improvement/progressive housing market? If so, please describe in detail your mechanisms of intervention

The housing can be delivered in final form by choosing a higher quality end of it, and can be delivered with progressive growth (this will depend on the manner and amount of funding, and the target) using the flexibility allowed industrialization of the parent structure to organize housing. Proposal for housing in height with some adaptation to a range of densities (existing or new) in order not to consume so much ground (as an isolated house with its own land) and, for this reason, be eligible for a better location and integration networks of service and equipment of the city.

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Not yet.

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Not yet.

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Foundation of the company.