Google+ Hangout: The Role of the Young Entrepreneur in a Changing World

Google+ Hangout: The Role of the Young Entrepreneur in a Changing World

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Solutions to the world’s most pressing problems are exciting. The opportunities are global, interconnected and interdependent. Business' resources dwarf those of the philanthropic and public sectors combined. All fixes require leaders with vision and capacity to build systems for change across industries and borders. Yet alone, now and in the future, no one of these sectors can put together the social entrepreneurial ecosystems necessary for major innovation and change to work at scale.

Impact aside (as it also often is), to survive in a changing world where millennials are searching for the greater good at every turn, the way we work, live and consume must evolve with it.

Ashoka’s network is working to tear down the walls between business and social entrepreneurship, to but social impact at the heart if good business and to cultivate a generation of young entrepreneurs fully equipped to tackle the social and environmental challenges they face in a changing world.

What role does youth entrepreneurship play in a changing world? How can we support the next generation of changemakers to make sustainable living more commonplace?


Join our panelists for a Google+ Hangout on 27th June, 2:00 p.m. BST/9:00 a.m. EDT

• Lisa Smith, Director, Unilever Ventures

• Ken Banks Ashoka Fellow, Founder of FrontlineSMS, and author of ‘The Rise of the Reluctant Innovator’

• Nicky Dee - University of Cambridge

• Curt Bowen, Awards Finalist 2013 and Executive Director of Semilla Nueva





John Townsend - Ashoka

John Is a writer, editor and a connector of people across the world of social good. John presently works as a content producer and media mobilizer at Ashoka, where his editorial content covers the latest innovations around pressing global issues.


Lisa Smith - Director at Unilever Ventures Limited

She is an operations and organization redesign specialist who has work experience in both the healthcare and packaged goods sectors. Dr. Smith has built factories for Unilever in South Africa. She has an abiding interest in healthcare in Sub-Sahara Africa, is currently Treasurer of FORWARD, helped found the Aids Foundation “Right2Care,” and is currently looking to support a grass-roots fistula clinic.

Ken Banks - Ashoka Fellow, Founder of Frontline SMS, and Author of ‘The Rise of the Reluctant Innovator’

Devotes himself to the application of mobile technology for positive social and environmental change in the developing world. He has worked at the intersection of technology, anthropology, conservation and development for the past twenty years. He has been internationally recognised for his technology-based work.

Dr. Nicky Dee – University of Cambridge

Views innovators and entrepreneurs as a creative force that introduces much needed diversity to the economy. A trigger for more transformational change which is critical for sustainability. Nicky has been supporting entrepreneurs for 15 years, including pioneering several initiatives to support cleantech entrepreneurs and those with social enterprises.

Curt Bowen - Awards Finalist 2013 and Executive Director of Semilla Nueva (@CurtPBowen)

Aged 26, established his business, Semilla Nueva, to provide Guatemalan smallholder farmers with a new low-cost, high-yield crop. He knows a thing or two about sustainable agriculture – and he’s put that passion into practice with the launch of his business.