Zariya (connect to justice) - Indian Women's Justice Technology

Zariya empowers violence-sufferers by enabling them to report their grievances and immediately connect with service providers who can help them move on with their lives after a traumatizing experience. This helps women transition from being victims to survivors with a right and will to justice. Justice is often slow and, in the case of time-sensitive issues like violence against women, justice delayed is justice denied. Zariya's working wireframe can be found here:'s systems-thinking approach and mapping of legal, medical, economic, psychological and police services at the survivor's disposal creates a safe space of accountability and transparency for women who have faced violence. The android app can be found here: Justice with ZariyaRedress and recovery for a survivor is much more than just legal justice. When a woman faces domestic or sexual violence, her physical, social, emotional, intellectual and psychological well-being is hurt. Zariya’s justice is a process with which women can work through the legal, social and psychological hurdles of rebuilding their life after a traumatizing experience. zariyamission- Guide women who have faced gender-based violence in rebuilding their lives.- Increase the reporting rate to bring it closer to the actual number of incidences.- Produce knowledge and data that can be used by women, academics and policy-makers alike.zariyavision- Challenge the stigma and logistical barriers to reporting sexual or domestic violence.- Cultivate a safe space for women to report their experiences and demand justice.- Bring all the organs and services that can help a woman to one hub.zariyavalues- Situate the problems & needs of the survivor at the center of the justice process.- Reduce emotional re-traumatization and re-rape experienced when reporting to insensitive and unsympathetic listeners.- Facilitate robust transparency and accountability that is powerful enough to have a crime deterrence effect.  



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