Bringing Peace To Minefields

Bringing Peace To Minefields: Bringing Peace To Minefields

TurkeyIstanbul, Turkey
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$250,000 - $500,000
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Aim is to turn mine field at the border of Turkey and Syria into a piece of land where organic agriculture can be done.

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Landmines cannot distinquish between the footstep of a soldier or a child.
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There are mine fields at the border of Turkey and Syria. We haven't known these mines are active or inactive. The problem is landmines can not distinquish between the footstep of a soldier or a child. Children use these area for go to school cause there are no ways. They arent safe in these conditions.

Solution: What is the proposed solution? Please be specific!

Cleaning mine fields, children will be in peace and safe. If we open these areas for agriculture , there will be great opportunities. Large area no pesticides ever used perfect for agriculture, great employment benefits. If we clean mines, there will be organic agriculture which provides more healthier food for all populations.
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Provide more healthier food for the population of Turkey and Syria. Great employment opportunity. Enchance health of ecosystems. Enchance health of organisms from the smallest in the soil to human beings.

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No synthetic fertilizers. No pesticides. No plant growth regulators. No live stock feed additives. No genetically modified crops.

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Bringing peace to minefield.

Founding Story

How I got started this project, when I was a student at Cevre High School. We had a team and we decided to attend Global Environmental Youth Convention, We studied online from Sweeden Lund University one year,after we made a project which was about sustanaible agriculture and peace. We did project which name is "Bringing Peace To Mine Fields".And then We became the winner between 34 countries and 600 students in Dubai. Then my life has changed cause I have decided to become an Environmetal Enginner. I am studying about sustainable development so far. I am so interested in sustainability. I am alone in this project now.
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CM Machinery
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CM Machinery

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, Istanbul

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Individuals, National government.


Sustainable Sourcing.

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International response because landmines are indiscriminate.

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Mines cleaned in insecure but fertile area, Great employment, peace and environmental sustainability.

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