Café con aroma a juventud-CSM "Flor de Pino" R.L.

Café con aroma a juventud-CSM "Flor de Pino" R.L.: Empleo joven para [email protected] de pequeños productores de microcuenca Rïo Jordan.

San Rafael del Norte., NicaraguaSan Rafael del Norte, Nicaragua
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$50,000 - $100,000
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The youth group will drive to the coffee producers of The Jordan River watershed promoting the trademark "Café The Jordan" and provide the population of the town and its visitors the services of a specialty coffee bar with barista service (professional specializing in brand high quality coffee).

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Rural youth need not migrate to contribute to the family economy, we can do from our work, from the ancient culture of our parents work the land and produce a living caring for Mother Earth.
About Project

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Diversify and expand the initiative to "Café The Jordan" will provide a solution to the problem of producers who do not have access to fair trade markets and demand give your product added value, will present a solution to the Flower Cooperative Pino account with processing equipment and has no working capital to implement and present a solution for young children job producers do not want to migrate to the city for use and abandon their roots.

Solution: What is the proposed solution? Please be specific!

We propose that the strategic alliance between farming families are strengthened, the Cooperativa Flor de Pino RL young-and for the expansion and diversification of this initiative. Production of the trademark "Café The Jordan" was reactivated and will be based in the offices of the Cooperative Cafeteria Specials "The Jordan", both initiatives will be managed and served by the youth group. Producers will be the suppliers of raw material for processing coffee packed and / or served. Cooperative legally represent both initiatives and will ensure sustainability for the benefit of its members. Profits will be used in part to the institutional strengthening of the cooperative and sustainability initiatives.
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Young people develop a business plan that allows them to learn important aspects of the market for the products and services they offer. Improve their organizational skills and test their management skills that are generally recognized aspects in adults. The cooperative will be strengthened with the generational change that will drive a renewal policies and mostly aimed at adults institutional strategies. Farming families perform a resource management with an inclusive approach and shared decision making will contribute to a climate free of discrimination and violence in the family. With young people leading local development initiatives decreased adverse social phenomena such as crime, alcoholism and drug addiction will be.

Impact: What is the impact of the work to date? Also describe the projected future impact for the coming years.

The coffee processing initiative has impacted the cooperative and a small group of producers, but is discontinued due to lack of working capital. Our experience inspire youth of the town to seek self-employment options in a society where adults dictate patterns of family and community economy. Young people are the most representative group, 1 in 2 young people is under 30. The services we offer are new and are aimed at both the local industry and visitors who have a large influx due to religious and contemplative tourism. Coffee consumption in the region is important in part because of the mild climate of the area, but the processing is done on a small scale at home. Every young producer who benefit from this initiative replicated five more of the family. By strengthening the Cooperative will benefit 415 active partners currently and projected a growth rate of 5% annually.

Spread Strategies: Moving forward, what are the main strategies for scaling impact?

Young promote the initiative through various social networks and information technologies and communication. Digital activism as an important marketing tool for the urban population and the low cost will be encouraged. Local radio is an important element of outreach to the rural population has no access to internet. Young people will exchange experiences with youth from other departments who have to share innovative successes and obstacles in the way of youth entrepreneurship initiatives.

Financial Sustainability Plan: What is this solution’s plan to ensure financial sustainability?

This project requires U.S. $ 70,000.00 intended for: maintenance and commissioning of coffee processing machinery, equipment Café, young barista training, environmental conservation in 10 coffee farms, raw material procurement, institutional strengthening cooperative, Rates management, and others. The Cooperative is providing furniture, office equipment, facilities where the processing of coffee and Specialty Coffee is performed.

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This issue is also addressed by the Cooperative SOOPEXCA in Jinotega, a region 30 kilometers from ours. Our approach differs in that it is run by young people, who are sons and daughters of these coffee producers that also are members of the Cooperative which gives a comprehensive approach to a model of co-management family. This will allow the strengthening of public-private strategic alliance where everyone already benefiting both environmental conservation activities are promoted.

Founding Story

My father is 54 years old and has always worked as a technician in coffee plantations. He acquired a property in the Jordan River basin micro. My father became a small coffee farm. I grew up with coffee plants and listening again and again the problems of the sector especially for small producers who do not have advantageous marketing conditions. My parents supported me to study Marketing at the University. I think with the skills acquired should give back what he has given me. Once visit to the facilities of the Cooperative Flor de Pino, and I had the opportunity to see working the coffee processing equipment. It was there that the idea of reviving this project from another approach emerged for me: Youth entrepreneurship.


The team consists of a group of 10 young men and women with adequate technical training multidisciplinary approach of the project. The project will be run part-time by Marcela Blandón Mendez, Founder and Marketing student, Erasmo Úbeda Rivera, Agronomist is occupied full time related to coffee production as feedstock. Oliver Rivera Ortiz, Manager of the Cooperative and project management consultant, five Council of Directors of the Cooperative.
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Fundación Odorico D´Andrea
About You
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Sandra Marcela

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Blandón Méndez

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Fundación Odorico D´Andrea

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, JI, San Rafael del Norte

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, JI, San Rafael del Norte.

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NGOs, Customers, Other.


Inclusive Business, Smallholder Farmers.

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Our parents through the Cooperativa Flor de Pino RL, which are associated, created and recorded "Café Jordan." The cooperative purchased a piece of equipment to process and package the coffee. The product has been in demand at the local level, however Cooperative has stopped producing due to lack of working capital. Our parents can not add value to coffee and we need a young job promoting local development sostenibley improve the family economy.

Scaling the solution: How would the prize money and publicity help you to achieve your objectives over the next two years?

The award will help us to diversify the product offer as well packaged coffee processing under the trademark "Café The Jordan", a service of cafeteria specials barista managed by young and employing young sons and daughters of farmers. The award will allow us to reactivate the processing of coffee and have working capital and invest in Good Agricultural Practices in the plots of coffee from our parents. In the city there is a coffee shop that offers these products and services to the population, although it is a city with a growing religious tourism because of the cause of beatification of Father Andrea D'Odorico. The award will promote a sustainable future activity.

Experience: Please provide examples of any previous entrepreneurial initiatives you have pioneered

At the University we have participated in various fairs youth entrepreneurship. However, is is the first time we choose a feasible idea based on an identified need in our town.

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