Diversified Farming

Diversified Farming : (A sustainable approach)

karachi, PakistanKarachi, Pakistan
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nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector
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$1,000 - $10,000
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Diversified farming is an integrated approach for sustainable development. It is the combination of different enterprises like farming, livestock (animal rearing), poultary, aquaculture, apiculture and floriculture. Diversified farming has the potential to contribute for the sustainabilty.

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what if every single human being have enough food?
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Farmers in rural area are dependent on a single enterprise in agriculture which results in low income for them due to which farmers in rural areas have low living standard. Farmer just produce low production in terms of yield that is only sufficient for his own family and that is why globally we are facing the problem of food scarcity. Financially this can help the farmers to improve their living standard and contribute for the rural development

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For the problems for food scarcity, economical problems of farmers, rural development (social) and sustainable development diversified farming is a best model to solve all the problems. Basically diversified farming make the farmer independent by combining different enterprises under the sun. This type of farming offers highest returns on farm business, as the byproducts of farms are properly utilized. It also efficiently utilize the land, labor , equipment and other resources.
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Diversified farming enable a farmer to become self sufficient, farmers becomes dependent on his on farm rather than buying different inputs for farming from market. e.g: when farmer would start diversified farming by integerating different enterprises like livestock, farming, apiculture, aquaculture, poultry and floriculture. he will obtain different byproducts from different enterprises and he will then utilized all the byproducts in other enterprise. like he will make his own bio-gas by using the waste of animals. The waste of poultry would be use in fish farming by feeding the fishes. Livestock can be feed by the farming. Floriculture would provide food for honey bees. Animal maure can be use as a fertilizer for crop production.

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This is a best farming model to be adopt for getting rid off the environmental, economical and social problems by bringing the prosperity to the farming community. Which in turns is connected with the food and fiber system to fulfill the needs of 7 billion people around the globe. when the farming community will increase their production by producing high yield and different products under a single farming system their living standard would rise. Which in turn will make the rural areas more developed. Globally it will solve the problem of food scarcity by producing more food for 7 billion people of the world. Diversified farming has a great potential in it to attract the multinational companies to comes to the agribusiness sector and provide their best services for the farming community.

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In the coming years the problem of food would severe as the population of world is increasing and cultivated agriculture land is also reducing due to urbanization there is no check and balance to control this issue. Secondly the farming community is migrating to the urban areas due to low standard of living and low income in the rural areas. So there is a need to take this issue seriously and make a proper policy and mechanism at the global level that how to solve the issues of farmers and satisfy them in their profession and to give them a sustainable approach to make the world a happy place.

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This project would have more impact in terms of energy conservation by using the bio-gas produced by the animal manure for the consumption of household that would make the farmers to get rid off the commercial gas. The manure would be used as organic fertilizer in crop production that would make the crops organic and farmer would be able to reduce the cost of synthetic fertilizer or may get rid off the synthetic fertilizers.

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No one else.

Founding Story

"Aha!" canteen is the place where i started to think over this project and soon i succeed to have the idea of diversified farming on a global level. And everyone appreciated this idea and encouraged me to work on it practically. It is my desire that every single farmer of the planet world adopt this farming model and make the world a happy place to live in.
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Friends and family.


Sustainable Sourcing, Smallholder Farmers.

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I would like to invest the prize money by practically making this farming model in my village.

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