E-BURUNDI: Software Solutions Provider

E-BURUNDI: Software Solutions Provider: Software Solutions Provider

Bujumbura, BurundiBujumbura, Burundi
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for profit
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$1,000 - $10,000
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E-BURUNDI is a company working in the field of ICT. E-BURUNDI is a provider of IT solutions tailored to customer needs. E-BURUNDI managed to develop with international partners a group of highly qualified experts in various fields to meet the very complex market demands.

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ICT serving the country
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Burundi does not use a lot of computers in everyday life and most public and private services. But Phones are commonly used by most of Burundi and with them lots of solution can be solved like sensitize the population or to send money quickly.

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The solution is to use Mobile Value Added Services (MVAS) to raise awareness on climate, contraception, new farming techniques, good governance, ... Like most Burundian possess a mobile phone, ca be a shame not to take advantage of this new communication channel. The MVAS can also be used to send money quickly to families who are in the interior of the country, for example in case of illness or other emergency.
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Say for example a new illness occurring in the country, the government can use the MVAS to communicate more quickly and the population across the country at the same time. Or a son in the capital wants to send money to his father suffering.

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Most Burundian know how to use the mobile phone to listen to or read a message, if a message is sent to utilisateirs phones, the message pass very quickly.

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In 5 years, I want to make my company one of the greatest men ICT companies most effectively perform.
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, BJ, Bujumbura

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, BJ, Bujumbura

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Health and Hygiene, Improving Nutrition, Water Use, Greenhouse Gases, Waste and Packaging, Sustainable Sourcing, Fairness in the Workplace, Opportunities for Women, Inclusive Business.

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