EVOMO RESEARCH & ADVANCEMENT PVT. LTD.: Ultra Low cost transport for Empowering rural poor

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$500,000 - $1 million
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Transport is the Ultimate Enabler for Socio-Economic Development. It enables people to access healthcare, education and livelihood opportunities. Evomo aims to empower rural poor with safe and affordable transport with its product SAAVAJ, an ultra low cost, safe, off road, rural utility vehicle.

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What if people have an option of making their lives better?
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Transport is the Ultimate Enabler for Socio-Economic Development. It enables people to access healthcare, education and livelihood opportunities. There is a huge gap in transport in Rural areas across the world which is not being met by conventional transportation solutions or manufacturers. In some parts of Rural India people have come up with solutions like Jugaads or Chakkadas which are not safe, illegal and come with no property rights.

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Evomo has developed an ultra low cost, legal, safe, off road, rural utility vehicle, SAAVAJ, which can be manufactured in small workshops across the country. SAAVAJ would be road legal and its owners can access organized credits, property rights, a much safer alternative then a Jugaad or Chakkada. SAAVAJ would enable access to the rural poor. It is a multi utility platform which can be easily converted into a school bus, an ambulance or even a cement mixer. An ultra low cost vehicle like this can enable people and rural communities by providing them safer access to essential services like healthcare, education and markets.
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A typical Juaggad or a Chakkada owner makes less then Rs. 4500-6000 a month after paying the cops and maintenance. These vehicles are extremely unsafe and unreliable and hence these rural transporters are not able to earn enough. When they get confiscated, not only the owner loses his means of livelihood, Now the case of SAAVAJ, the product is priced similar to a Chakkada and is much safer, better value for money and can take more goods than the Chakkada. Due to its multi utility features, it can be employed for lot more number of things.

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Evomo is currently working on a pilot, and any numbers which can signify impact would take some time.

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The whole system can be easily scaled up in all the developing regions of the world with transportation problems. The business model can enable local entrepreneurs to become franchisees who can licence and buy components from Evomo. Evomo also leverages the knowledge of local mechanics for service of the vehicles once it is sold in the region.

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We are planning to start deliveries before end of 2014, in UP and Gujarat, we would be able to break even by mid 2015, we would then scale it up to other parts of the country and world.

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There are few projects in Africa with transport solutions, but we are trying to come up with something very different.

Founding Story

I was working in Gurgaon, in the automobile industry and one of the trips to Rural UP made me re-think how I perceived a village. Having always lived in Delhi, I found it difficult to understand how people were managing without effective transport. I saw Jugaad Vehicle for the first time and realized that this is something which needs to be changed. The research started after that and in 2010 Evomo was registered. The first prototype was completed in 2013 and now we are working towards starting commercial production.


1. Prashant Makwana: Automobile Designer 2. Tushar Jain: Industrial Designer 3. Vaishal Dave: Finance Head 4. Vishisht Dhingra: Design Engineer 5. Sidharth Parmar : Associate Engineer 6. Saurabh Singh : Associate Engineer (http://www.evomo.in/evolvingmobility/)
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, GJ, Ahmedabad

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, GJ, India

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Friends and family, Foundations.


Health and Hygiene, Sustainable Sourcing, Fairness in the Workplace, Opportunities for Women, Inclusive Business, Smallholder Farmers.

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Our main customer is rural poor with little or no access to affordable transportation. According to World Bank Transport Strategy report, transport is the ultimate enabler for socio-economic growth. Affordable transport would result in more number of trips to healthcare and educational facilities and also open up markets for local produce. Our customer sees the solution as an opportunity to improve their living conditions. We are directly selling to customers through our local microfactories.

Scaling the solution: How would the prize money and publicity help you to achieve your objectives over the next two years?

It would help us in connecting with potential partners, investors and people who share the vision of having better access for rural communities. Our business model is about co-creation using local resources and getting visibility on a global platform can help us immensely.

Experience: Please provide examples of any previous entrepreneurial initiatives you have pioneered

Evomo is the first startup which I have been a part of, apart from that I am also a World Economic Forum, Global Shaper from the City of Ahmedabad where I am working on a few projects on community development, youth empowerment and sustainability.

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