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Kathmandu, NepalKathmandu, Nepal
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nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector
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$10,000 - $50,000
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Plastic is becoming one of the emerging issues on management of solid waste. It degrades our environment and also disturbs our waste management system. Therefore it is the most awaiting solution in Nepal, especially in Kathmandu valley. The drainage system is blocked by plastics in rainy season...

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Green Discount Bag replaces plastic bags
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Plastics waste are burned for the energy, fire and for reducing plastic waste which makes environment polluted and unhealthy. As a result the air gets polluted and different types of respiratory problems arises to the human and animals health

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The Green Discount Bag that has been brought by the youth network called the Green Initiators’ for reducing the black polythene plastic bag from the community of Kathmandu valley. The main target of the initiation is to raise awareness about the deterioration of black polythene plastic bag and its reduction as well as reuse through the Green Discount Bag initiative.
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Intractable problem relating to plastics and the environment has been so hard of their disposal. Land filling on one hand is increasingly seen to pose problems of environmental impact, because the availability of suitable sites is decreasing day by day. Polyethylene materials are non bio-degradable. Whenever a polyethylene bag is thrown away, it does not decompose through natural process and is also not decomposed till 10,000 years a study shows.

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It contributes to the accumulation of non-destructive waste of permanent nature. If anybody looks at any garbage dumping site, they may observe this fact that although other garbage matter get decomposed and merged into the soil but polyethylene bags remain intact with their different colors especially the black colored polyethylene bags which is very familiar to us and used as the right hand of our life for different household purposes. The use of polyethylene is not environment friendly. Medical reports find it as an agent of cancer, skin diseases and other health problems

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goes on with the help of stakeholders, environmentalists and the public.

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Firstly, if we will win this, we can start our program and for continuity we will ask support from governmental organizations, INGOs, Banking Institutions...

Founding Story

All the persons involved in this are youth, and youth can make success any program they wish to... since we have willpower to do it and make the city clean...


Since my team members are the environmentalists, climatologists, hydrologists, microbiologists, sociologists, management so with all of them having a masters degree. Dhruba Lochan Adhikari Anismit Timilsina Pradeep Bhattarai Dibit Aryal Yugal Subedi Yugesh Subedi We all are here to make a program successful.
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dhruba lochan

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, Kathmandu

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, Kathmandu

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NGOs, Businesses, Regional government, National government, Customers.


Waste and Packaging.

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the public who goes on shopping day by day to buy their goods on markets, they get the bag once they buy any goods from the shop and if used regularly the same bag he/she shall get discount on each purchase of goods.

Scaling the solution: How would the prize money and publicity help you to achieve your objectives over the next two years?

our objective is to reduce the use of plastic bags in the city by making reuse of the bag, so if we feel that there is reduction in the use of plastic bags that will be our achievements and this program if we succeed over kathmandu valley, we will start all over Nepal as a campaign program.

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Being a hydro-meteorologists, i have been throughtout the country for my work and i have seen that the places near the settlement areas are fully covered with solid waste mainly plastics, so we thought to make a program regarding the proper replacement of solid waste. Since we are youths and the innovator for goodness, we can do what we want.

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