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GreenAct Group: Sustainable African schools and campuses

Dakar, SenegalDakar, Senegal
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$1,000 - $10,000
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The Green'Act project aimed to reduce the ecological footprints of schools and campuses and shape green leader all over Africa trhough the first standard/label ever created : Sustainable African schools and campuses. It stands on 10 programs thats the school should develop during a 3 years process.

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if every child, students, people in Africa has attended sustainable development classes, every school in Africa is recycling its waste at 100% and using renewable energy, Africa will definitely become the greener continent ever seen. People are saying it
About Project

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Recycling is quasi inexistent and people are unaware of the relevance of sustainable development. In school, curricula is unadapted to the current issues the world is facing with. The main issues we are dedicated to solve is the followings: Education: Only 40% of people educated in Senegal and less than 5% aware of sustainable development and environmental protection the pollution of the sea. The mostly plastic waste from the sewages ends up

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We are targeting the place where our future leaders are trained This label/standard stands on 10 points that the schools must follow: 1. 1 student -1 tree 2. Reduce its energy consumption from one year to another and progressively switch to renewable energy with solar panel and LED lamps 3. Install a waste separation system and recycle paper, plastic, aluminum and organic waste 4. Community service 5. Reduction of social exclusion 6. Reduction of water consumption 7. Responsible purchasing and consumption 8. Reduction of carbon footprint from a year to another 9. Include Sustainable development classes into all of the curricula 10. Transparency Once a school signs this chart, we offer guidance, support, personal assistanc
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Green ‘Act’s approach has been to initiate a waste separation system on the International School of management Dakar Campus (1st in senegal), starting with plastic. We have installed special trash bins for only plastic, which we collect every night after classes. We then conduct a detailed separation of the plastic and further sell it to a recycling company. At the same time, Green’Act has launched an education and advocating campaign in order to make students understand what the negative impacts are of their careless behavior towards waste and littering. We touch 3000 people at ISM and recycled about 500 kgs of waste. This (the Green'Act project) allowed ISM to win the sustainable campus international competition award in Canada in 2013.

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To date the project had the following impacts: Students touched: 3000 Waste recycled: 500kgs For the coming years, we planned to create the following impacts from 2014 ( Right after launching the standard in August 2014) Our model create the following opportunities for the country: INDICATORS 1ST YEAR 2ND YEAR 3RD YEAR Direct jobs opportunities 13 18 20 Students trained 5000 10000 15000 Schools touched 5 10 15 Community services 50 100 150 Recycled waste 6000kg 12000kg 18000kg Trees 5000 10000 15000 CO2 reduction (Considering only the recycling’s impacts) 15000Kg 30000 45000

Spread Strategies: Moving forward, what are the main strategies for scaling impact?

We are using a customer based approach and working directly with public authorities and community leaders. This is creating multidimensionnal impacts acccording to each stakeholders Youth education and advocacy concerning recycling, environmental protection and sustainable development Diversity and integration Social exclusion reduction Community involvement Change of mentality and littering behaviors Developing the next generation of scoools Waste recycling Reforestation Reduction of the global carbon footprint Reduction of the global carbon emission Water consumption

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As operating in the consultancy business, Green'Act doesnt need a big amount of initial capital. This has been done in order to do not face with the common problem of start-up costs. We need some materials for offices and a budget for covering the working capital during 6 month. People are becoming more and more aware of the importance to be sustainable;CSR is at the top of the page. thus our standard will reach more customers in no time.

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To date Green’Act is the first social business offering this sustainable solution. The current practices of waste management consist in throwing the waste in the streets. Some of them are collected and transported to the garbage dumps where there is a real ecological bomb for surrounding communities. Thus, we developed the first African labelling service for schools and campuses in terms of sustainability and ecology.

Founding Story

The Green’Act Project came into live in March 2013 because of the constant littering of ISM students in the classrooms, on the campus and in the neighborhood is very disturbing to the students who initiated the project. Green’Act is not prepared to accept such ignorant behavior any longer and has set out to change it, convinced that the Senegalese youth should learn to treat their country’s environment with respect and start to take responsibility for their actions. Thus a group of students started this project with 100USD. Nobody was beleiving in us. Now, so far, we have been able to raised about 10,000USD in just 1 year!


DONALD BAMBARA, burkina faso, bachelor in International management, has over 1 year of experience working directly with communities focusing on environment. Yannick Gounongbe,cote divoire ,bachelor in International management program is in charge of external relations management and marketing Stephanie meister,switzerland, bachelor in International management program, in charge of promotion Abdoulaye Diane,senegal, Phd in environment, expert.
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, DA, Dakar

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, DA, Dakar

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Waste and Packaging.

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The Green’Act team has developed the first standard the continent has ever had in this area.
The standard/label “ Sustainable African schools and campuses” aims to introduce and develop a new generation of African schools. We are targeting the place where our future leaders are trained, at school! This standard will definitely change the continent and will shape a brighter future.

Scaling the solution: How would the prize money and publicity help you to achieve your objectives over the next two years?

The sustainable living young entrepreneurs awards 2014, represents definitely an amazing way to reach our objectives in no time, and this for the following reason:
1. We are so close to make it happen, the standard is developed! We need publicity and recognition among all, in order to make it happened in Africa.
2. The international network you are offering is so powerful that, we will extend our standard in no time and reach new market in Africa and even beyond.
3. The prize money represent sa huge investment which could help us scaling the ideas and grow faster and to touch the maximum of schools.

Africa needs this standard, the world needs this standard! Please help us make it a reality and change the way we learn at school.

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I started the greenact project in 2013. Beforehand, i was working in my father business. This gave me the requirements for managing a business successfully.

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