Health-E-BD: Empowering People to Improve their Health and Well-Being

BangladeshDhaka, Bangladesh
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for profit
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$50,000 - $100,000
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Health-E-BD app helps you to answer “What medical condition could I have?” and “Where should I go for treatment?” Save, easily access, and share the healthcare information that's most important to you. it helps to find registered doctors, Verified medicines and healthcare facilities around you.

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What if,490,000 mothers infants could be saved each year through Delivering required health information
About Project

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Developing countries like Bangladesh often suffer from shortfalls in medical information and right access to healthcare facilities. 15 Million people with low health literacy are misdiagnosed each year by Fake doctors who also suggest fake medicines. Only 10% Adults have the skills to use health information, Bangladesh holds high hope that Mobile Technology will revolutionize how health care is managed, delivered, and received.

Solution: What is the proposed solution? Please be specific!

Health-E-BD app is an android app on mobile platform which aims to educate patients by providing health related information starting from symptoms to treatment. The app contains core six sections:1. symptoms navigator 2. Find registered doctor 3. Medicine verification tool 4. Nearby hospitals, pharmacy and blood donor 5.Doctor's blog 6. Health-E-BD community. The solution reduces the illegal practice of fake doctors and helps to find the right doctor you need, Enables patients to verify medicines, nearby facilitators available to them and to network with health conscious community. The company aims to become the leading health information service provider in Bangladesh by connecting patients, physicians, hospitals, drug companies etc.
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Salma was getting cramps in her stomach. She visited a doctor and Doctor said she just had a urinary tract infection and suggested few medicines to take. The cramps were still persistent so she decided to visit another doctor. The new doctor became shocked and said she has advanced ovarian cancer that had spread throughout her abdomen! Salma was devastated and shocked. She couldn’t believe that an educated woman who earned an MBA could have this happened to her. She has been seriously misdiagnosed and was taking wrong medicines and finally came to know the doctor was in illegal practice as a physician with fake degrees. If salma could properly access health information she would not to face this and might not suffer from misdiagnosis.

Impact: What is the impact of the work to date? Also describe the projected future impact for the coming years.

Health-E-BD app on mobile platform which aims to educate patients by providing health related information starting from symptoms to treatment. It reduces the illegal practice of fake 300,000 fake doctors and prevents counterfeit drugs of 100+ companies in Bangladesh. 290,000 mothers’ infants could be saved each year through Delivering required health information and also treating certain patients remotely could save 40,000 nights in the hospital. Most importantly monitoring the elderly so they can stay in their homes could save €2.4 billion each year by identifying symptoms at early stage. In a short, health-E-BD app Helps Bangladesh to reach its health targets for their Millennium Development Goals by 2015. we have already received much appreciation and support from stakeholders like hospitals, Doctors, Patients and drug companies to move ahead this project.

Spread Strategies: Moving forward, what are the main strategies for scaling impact?

Health-E-BD is the first of its kind in Bangladesh. It will be partnered with the government and other stakeholders to have the greatest access and also, it is going to be patented and thus cannot be directly contested thereby eliminating opportunities of private competitors. The Market for Health-E-BD is particularly getting stronger day by day with current 40 Million smartphone users. Health-E-BD aims to work closely with focus groups like potential app users, physicians, healthcare professionals, healthcare centers, Pharmaceutical companies and health-focused publication companies.

Financial Sustainability Plan: What is this solution’s plan to ensure financial sustainability?

The project needs around $80,000 to kick off. The company has solid revenue generation model to sustain in the market. The company makes money through Freemium business model, which means the basic service is free and we charge for premium services like booking appointment with doctors, Making personal video call during follow up and watching featured videos. However we also make money through selling ad space to Healthcare business organizations

Marketplace: Who else is addressing the problem outlined here? How does the proposed project differ from these approaches?

Currently, there are no direct competitors in the Bangladesh Market. Health-E-BD Company will partner with healthcare and pharmaceutical companies for mutual growth. For example, Pharmaceutical companies always wanted to eliminate counterfeit drug producers, thus partnership with them will increase the sales of verified medicines. We aim to broaden our partnership with BIG NGOs like Brac and Grameen to access rural customers. Ministry of ICT and Ministry of Health have shown interest to support this project from the beginning. we are also thankful to patients and doctors for their support.

Founding Story

Being son of health conscious mother I am lucky enough to use my health knowledge and skills. But 290,000 mother’s infants die each year just because they don’t have right access to healthcare facilities and required health information. Only 10% have the skills to use health information So what we thought, more should be done to educate rest 90%. We founded the idea to empower patients 24/7 to access health information and provides decision-support tools. Without a doubt, MHealth and interactive health learning materials are the future of healthcare system not just in Bangladesh, but the developing world as a whole.


The business idea is being nurtured and developed by a team of ambitious youths from Bangladesh. Rezaul Karim (Founder) has solid business background and 2+ years of tech entrepreneurship, fundraising and pitching experience. He is most promising project award winner in Dell social innovation challenge. A diversified team of 10 members including Physicians, App developer & IT expert is now working full time on this project to make it happen.
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, Dhaka

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Individuals, Foundations, NGOs, Businesses, Regional government, National government, Customers, Other.


Health and Hygiene.

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General people are the beneficiary of this solution. However there are other groups who are also benefited, for example the drug producing companies, the hospitals, the doctors and lastly the Government & NGOs. Our company aims to partner with key stakeholders who have mutual interest for their own Growth & development. Healthcare business organizations, physicians, Drug companies and government, all the key players will work together to make citizens as much productive as possible.

Scaling the solution: How would the prize money and publicity help you to achieve your objectives over the next two years?

Winning the prize money will help me to run the pilot project and later to move to start-up phase. The publicity and the recognition will emphasize the problem that has not being solved or not tried to solve yet. The biggest benefit an entrepreneur gets from winning any competition is to get connected with potential investors or supporters for his/her dream company. I believe this networking opportunity will surely benefit my company for lifetime and it is more than winning prize money.

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Previously founded another company named "Teletest technologies" -A mobile application integrated into cheap cost solar power tablet that delivers education materials aligned to local context.* Winner Most promising project award in Dell social innovation challenge *Finalist, Global innovation through science & Technology competition * Finalist, Global social entrepreneurship competition. Trained by global tech entrepreneurs in Malayasia & USA

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