High Class World Export Quality Rice

High Class World Export Quality Rice: Market change and create sustainable organic way agriculture

Kha Yan, MyanmarKha Yan, Myanmar
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nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector
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$10,000 - $50,000
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Seed production for World Class High Quality Export Rice and farm land restoration from chemical effects. Upgrading the Traditional Agricultural to Modern Agriculture, High Quality Seed to reproduce High Quality Standard Seeds as Multiple method and marketing.

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Farm land restoration from chemical effects, Income of farmers imporve, People understand about cooperative system.
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Most farmers live in a debt spiral that is an obstacle to improve seeds and production means quality. Old traditional rice production methods, lack of organic fertilizers and of good water management could be easily overcome to improve productivity, generate better employment, promote water and soil conservation and creation of electricity for farmers work and their families. Supply chain is very long thus dispersing the few economic resources.

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The innovative approach resides in the synergic plan that combines solutions for good quality rice production, organic agriculture, water preservation, waste reduction and energy production, thus creating a high quality market for rice export and establishment of good sustainable jobs and social inclusion. In less than 18 months this synergic project will completely change the life of the 200 involved farmers families granting them the conditions for a decent life and decent sustainable work. The production of quality rice seeds will generate a standardized innovative method of seeds production, of rice breeding techniques and seed storage facilities. Through the elimination of chemical fertilizers, the soil quality will improve.
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Now days farmer’s families in the selected area, such as the family of Than Swe……work with low quality seeds and earn very little from their hard work, have no knowledge on how to fight against diseases. Than Swe was obliged to indebt himself to pay for seeds and work instruments, because the quality of rice his family produces is too poor to be sold at a good price both inside the country and internationally. With good quality seeds Than Swe family can improve its paddy and earn more to feed the family. The organic fertilizers will improve soil quality and enable to protect soil and improve quality of production and enable Than Swe and other farmers to overcome the debt issue. This will be the weal of positive sustainable and inclusive cha

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• 200 farmers and landless workers families, that is around 1200 persons will directly benefit from the project. In 18 months the selected agricultural area will be transformed in an organic productive area. The local Agriculture and Farmers Federation members 3500 will benefit from the results, and will use the training materials and the gained experience on the ground. • Before project start rice seeds production was 1.363kg/acres and after the project the output will reach 54.480 kg of High Quality Seed to be re used and sold. • Farmers will be able to repay their debt and be free from such indebtedness. • Strategically develop the Sustainable Agriculture Organic Market Chain. • New good quality rice will be sold in the Eu and Japan. • Village level organic Seed Storage facilities will sustain the organic farming system.

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Farmers increase income form Organic Market system. Attaining the Bio-Diversity as Environmental impact through the Organic Agriculture Organic Agriculture Techniques will habitual to the Farmers.

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Project Manager €4,800.00 Project Coordinator €4,800.00 Agronomist €3,600.00 Transportation €3,600.00 Communication €480.00 Training Material €300.00 M&E €2,400.00 Seed €390.00 Seed Storage Facilities €1,560.00 Fertilizer €455.00 Pest Control €1,500.00 Farm Renting €50.00 Farming Management Cost €130.00 Soil Taster €60.00 Spry equipment €60.00 Land Tilling €520 Ploting €65 Harvesting €195 TOTAL €4985

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The request for good quality rice is increasing particularly in Europe and Japan. Consumers are very carefully looking at the food quality as well as its social content. The project will be developed by social and environmental responsible persons, able to respect the international human, labor and environmental standards, thus giving a warranty in this regard, because participants will be part of the local farmer’s trade union. More over under the qualitative side, organic materials and internationally accepted quality control equipment all along the production chain will be respected.

Founding Story

According to the Myanmar Agriculture sector, farmers have very low income because of the 3 reasons. (1) Product (2)Place and (3)Method. (1)For the Product, farmers still produce the rice verities which does not success in the world agriculture market. (2) About Place also known as market, 3 steps of middle transaction have to pass through the customers. (3) Nowadays, Myanmar farmers difficult to effort agriculture mechanization. And apply plentiful of chemical fertilizer to their yield. Therefore, our idea is to eliminate all 3main problems. For Product, we select the world market good price varieties. Place(market) we will use the direct marketing system. About Method, we will have to apply the organic agriculture method.


Two young entrepreneurs expert in rice production will set up the young company. Members of the township AFFM will be the local partners and a group of Agronomists will be part of the expert group that will develop the training. The young entrepreneurs had the experience of the emergency relief during the Nargis Cyclone, a dramatic flood that killed thousands of rice farmers and destroyed thousands of hectares of paddy.
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Pyi Thit

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, YG, Kha Yan

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, YG, Kha Yan

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After the seed production, our beneficiaries will sell to the Farmers Cooperative member who willing to grow the world market standard rice verity of rice.

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As our project objective, project are will have Organic Producer Agriculture Cooperative for their sustainable Agri- Business Society.

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Two young entrepreneurs expert in rice production will set up the young company. Members of the township AFFM will be the local partners and a group of Agronomists will be part of the expert group that will develop the training.The young entrepreneurs had the experience of the emergency relief during the Nargis Cyclone, a dramatic flood that killed thousands of rice farmers and destroyed thousands of hectares of paddy.

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