Tudlo Disaster and Emergency Response App

Tudlo Disaster and Emergency Response App: Teaches, Guides and Points on Life Events

PhilippinesCebu, Philippines
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$10,000 - $50,000
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Tudlo is a disaster awareness and management mobile and web application. It is, at its core, a solution to help one cope with unexpected and uncontrollable events and conditions that affect one’s life: Traffic, Road Conditions, Emergencies, Disasters, and Catastrophes.

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What If Disaster or Emergency happens to you and your loved ones
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The founding idea of Tudlo consists in solving an issue of every individual that has to deal with on Traffic, Road Conditions, Emergencies, Disasters, Catastrophes and other unexpected events in human life. These various events have the capability to endanger life, disrupt operations, cause environmental damage and bring significant change to day-to-day living.

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Tudlo platform is an end-to-end solution where content publishers provides relevant guides on traffic, road conditions, emergencies and disaster; government agencies submit news feeds; concern citizens report events; locator on key establishments such as clinics, hospitals, police station and evacuation sites; and provides analytics and statistics on every situation. Tudlo, by providing reliable and up-to-date information to its customers, will address this issue and will help individual to take appropriate decisions when traffic, emergencies, hazardous road obstructions, disaster occur.
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1. Province of Albay – APSEMO with SMART - https://itunes.apple.com/sg/app/pindot/id719320028?mt=8 Timely and accurate communications before, during and after disasters and emergency situations play a crucial role in saving lives. Without good tools for communications, the overall setup of our operations will fail. Pindot will complement our disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation tools 2. National Government Project - https://itunes.apple.com/sg/app/batingaw/id844163083?mt=8 The app also provides a set of tools that one can use offline during times of emergency. These include a siren and a strobe light that can be used to attract attention, a flashlight, and a compass.

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Launched the Tudlo App Platform - http://www.techinasia.com/tudlo-keeping-safe-disaster-strikes/ Launched Pindot App powered by Tudlo Platform in the Province of Albay - http://www.philstar.com/good-news/2014/05/12/1321939/mobile-app-disaster-management-launched Launched Batingaw App powered by Tudlo Platform in the Philippines - Nationwide - http://www.gmanetwork.com/news/story/371509/scitech/technology/emergencies-app-batingaw-receives-good-initial-reviews-on-google-play-store

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Road status, emergency and disaster information in real time is an issue which really creates a market opportunity with a huge sustainable potential. Tudlo will aim to provide information on unexpected life events reported by concern citizens, government agencies, media and companies in a fast, accurate and reliable way. Currently, we already conquered Philippines and plan to distribute Tudlo App Platform in the ASEAN region in 2-3 years. Then, we will go for whole ASIA, America, Europe and Australia in 5-10 years.

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Primary source of Revenue • Customization Fee on Mobile and Web Platform • Sale of Premium services on private individuals • Hardware and Software bundled Mid-Term Perspective (once the community is big enough) • App advertisement – based on a PPC (Pay per Click) model • Premium Content • Ecommerce • E-Donation Other Revenue: • Storage • User Subscription Tudlo will also get funds through grants, investment and csr funds.

Founding Story

Vince Loremia, Founder of Tudlo experience constant flood and other emergencies in the Philippines. So he thought one day of making a Disaster and Emergency App. Thus, knowing the traffic, incidents or emergencies and be able to know what to do before, during and after disaster or taking alternative routes and then advise/caution Family and Friends has become highly important for numerous people.


Kristoffer Vincent Loremia, Project Manager of Tudlo Lester Cabalona and Eman Daryl Ycot both Mobile / Web Software innovator of Tudlo Englis, User Interface and Design Architect of Tudlo
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Kristoffer Vincent

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, CEB, Cebu

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Health and Hygiene, Water Use, Greenhouse Gases, Waste and Packaging, Sustainable Sourcing, Inclusive Business.

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Tudlo platform is an end-to-end solution where content publishers provides relevant guides on traffic, road conditions, emergencies and disaster; government agencies submit news feeds; concern citizens report events; locator on key establishments such as clinics, hospitals, police station and evacuation sites; and provides analytics and statistics on every situation.

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As the community involvement is the core component of our business, we need to hit the market in a way which allows us to garner as many customers as possible in a short period of time. Indeed, the bigger the community is, the better the services provided will be! Tudlo aims to become a major leader in the market of the web and mobile applications used by citizen, government agencies and companies. That is why we plan to set up an aggressive marketing policy in order to be known from the majority since the very beginning. As an incentive, we plan, for instance, to provide some basic features of the application for free to users during the first months of commercialization.

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Kristoffer Vincent Loremia is a Master of Science Degree holder in Industrial Technology at Cebu Technological University and Bachelor of Science Degree holder in Information Technology at University of San Carlos – TC. He is a Redcross Volunteer and managed World-class projects in the past which includes ON3 Silicon Valley 2012 winning applications: Miimove (www.miimove.com), GroupJump (www.groupjump.com) and Jumpsite (www.jumpsite.net).

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