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The Watchers

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The Watchers is a comprehensive life changing low-cost project based on an effective creative idea that will target and solve the biggest international problem of the 21st Century "Poverty" by indirectly connecting the philanthropist with the person in need.

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What if we could end poverty and make the world a better place by connecting who can help with the one who needs it? What if we could make the word "philanthropist" include all humans and not only some? What if we could let the philanthropist see the chan
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Jordan is a developing country with a very high unemployment rates and poverty due to several factors including overpopulation, lack of natural resources, its location in the middle of Middle East different conflicts and instabilities, high emigration rates, among others. All these factors terribly contributed in increasing poverty rates in all Jordanian cities and provinces and widen the gap between the rich and the poor.

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Human nature is generous and giving,and Jordanian citizen is no exception. But the main reason why not everyone who has the possibility to financially help contributes is because Jordanian citizens don't trust that the organizations will deliver the money, there is no trust because corruption in Jordan is very common. The Watchers Project aims to indirectly link the philanthropists with the people in need, by giving the chance for the philanthropist to personally follow with the family/person they donated for by giving the philanthropist all the contact info of the family/person, updating them with the money sent to the family via email/sms,and send a report attached with audio records,videos,pictures about the family/person they helped.
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Disadvantaged families living in an extremely bad conditions in the Ghour Area - West of Jordan, will be provided with the financial support needed in order be able to buy basic supplies and send their kids to the school, while The Watchers will document all the activities and the money amounts spent and send all the details to the philanthropists (The watchers) who have contributed with their money. Philanthropists, on the other side, will be able to communicate and contact the families and people they helped any time and will be provided on an arranged basis with the amount/s that has been sent and how did the financial support effect the families/people life.

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The Watchers Project will give the chance for all people who can help to actually help, and for all who need help to get it. This project can be the perfect humanitarian project for Jordan as there is a releventaly big gap between rich and poor. The project will impact and boost solidarity of the citizens as one hand, narrow the gap between rich and poor, effectively decrease Jordanian poverty rates, and bring back hope for the philanthropists and for families in need by showing philanthropists that their financial support is actually being delivered and is making change, and for the families in need by showing them that people do care and want to support.

Marketplace: Who else is addressing the problem outlined here? How does the proposed project differ from these approaches?

The Watchers is an one of its kind idea in Jordan, there are several NGOs and non-govermental foundations that help families and people in need but none of them provides any contact between the philanthropist and the family in need.
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Jordan, Amman

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Friends and family, Individuals.


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Our customers are any one who has the ability to help.

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The prize money will give the chance to start the materialize the plan by building a website and application, market the project, and get a local support.

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