Israel Palestine world cup 2034

Israel Palestine world cup 2034: A Sustainable Peace project

Israelharduf, Israel
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2034 Israeli Palestinian world cup is a peace project setting aim to put the ongoing conflict to resolution through a sustainable way. the world cup, especially today, can give people hope for the future.

Through football may we start thinking about new possibilities for the future!

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you imagend it?
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When we are looking at the Israeli Palestinian conflict for the past years, we can see that there is something missing, an "images for a better future". The ongoing conflict that divides Israel left and right, keeps Palestinians without a country or independents. For so many years it hadn't changed. Energy is wasted on army's and terrorism while children and adults are living in constant fear and loss. we are here to bring oureselfs new hope

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The project will give people from both sides the means to imagine a new long term situation. And apply these "images" in a 20 year peace and sustainability project. In an ongoing and developing world, it seems as if the Middle East is waiting for the next evolutionary step. The ongoing conflict is drawing all sides energy and until now there is no solution. In such a complicated area people need to have hope. They need not to look far away, and see that there is another way, a better one. The focus most starts moving from the fundamental problems, to a path which can be imagined. Like in South Africa, the world cup can be a powerful tool for a social, economical and environmental change. Peace is near and we are striving for it!
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20 years are have past. your siting in your chair, it's the finals of the Israeli Palestinian world cup. And it marks the beginning of a new history in the Middle East - a sustainable future. This grand tournament is not only dedicated for football. Football is the "common" ground and language where peace can grow. 8 modern and sustainable stadiums have been constructed, to be not only centers for football games and concert; they are also centers for peace and education. Where children, and students are coming together from all over. The stadiums are constructed for urban agriculture, energy utilization, waste management etc. - a sustainable building that will bring people together for studying each other and the world around - peace!

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Today, and for the past 47 years, exists some say, the most complicated conflict in the world - the Israeli Palestinian conflict. The impact of a big project such as the world cup, put aside the possibility of it happening for a moment, is a huge one, and comes in a few layers. The first and the most important stage is called "face to the future". "face to the future" - brings most and foremost the imaginative aspect of the project. It pots through real images a "face" to the future of the area. Through plans of sustainable infrastructure, through arts etc. that are made by civilians from both sides. The image will give civilians from both sides the opportunity to imagine a reality without constant war - a future of development, sustainability and most importantly peace. The second stage is the beginning of the peace making - implementing "faces to the future".

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a new middle east. The full impact potential is first in changing the flow of energy that is going constantly to the same places - the "basic problems of the area" (for example Jerusalem as a capitol city). The impact of moving the center of attention from problems to solutions is necessary for peace now more than ever. Secondly, a sustainable future. Through implementation of sustainable projects in education, arts, infrastructure est. people in the area can get the knowledge and the know how to sustain themselves through years to come in one of the most difficult area of the world.

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this project requires in the meantime a small amount of budjet, mosty for research. the first stage - "faces to the future" will be funded through croudfunding. after the mass awerness stage, eill come stage 2. implementation. that will require a new evaluation of the situation, dippending on how the project will divelop. in can go in tow main directions, 1. continue croudfunding. and 2. govenment and private sector funding. 1. preferable.

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As seen in the last 3 world cups, since the "green goal" initiative started in Germany 2006, the world cup, as a changemaker project, became not only a football tournament but a project that holds a great potential for improving social, environmental and economical aspect of life. What differs this project from the past 3 tournament and especially the coming one in Doha katar. Is that this project is using the current situation in the Middle East to be the best grounds for peace growing. This project gives us the opportunity to bring a sustainable peace and demolish corruption all at once.

Founding Story

I was raised on a small hill in north Israel. 300 hundred m west lays a Bedouin village, and 1 km to the east an Arab village, 5 km north an Arab city. During my whole life i was educated for local and sustainable peace without even knowing it. In 2006 i went to the UNICEF convention in Stuttgart during the world cup with my kibbutz friends, it was during the second Lebanon war, that had begun while we were there. After i was released from the army, i went to South Africa to watch and work during the world cup of 2010. The moment when i knew that this is the project of my life, came when i had done a project on SA WC 2010 in urban sustainability course during my studies. since then the work had started. israel Palestine world cup 2034.


douring the first stage of the peoject, "faces to the future", the biggest challange is to co create a team that is a sustainable team. that means - from both populations, genders, that have already a way to sustain themselves douring theire daily lives. mostly im working in this stage by my oun, and people are more then happy to be apart when help or cooperation is nessecery.
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ben aharon

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, harduf

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Friends and family, Other.


Health and Hygiene, Improving Nutrition, Water Use, Greenhouse Gases, Sustainable Sourcing, Fairness in the Workplace, Inclusive Business, Smallholder Farmers.

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my recipient group is the israeli and palestenien population. the world cup peace model gives, new and varied oppertuneies for all sides through a large scale project that can uplift the whole area throgh sustainable divelopment. the inclosion between social, economical and enviromental aspects of life bring new hope for the area. but sustainability in the middle east most contain another factor - peace.

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the peace model that we are working on is one that streches over 20 years and gives us tive to divelop it slowly and carefully, and most importently its a new soulotion.
in the first stage - "faces to the future",we invite the population from both sides, to imagine and "paint" thier view of the solution - the world cup 2034. artist, educators, enviromentalists, economists, solgers, children grown ups etc . after and meanwhile publicity and "grownding" (making a plan out of those images) is nessecery . and for that part most of the money will go.

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in the summer of 2012 while working in an organic farm in france my head had a lot of time for daydreaming and thinking while i pick peaches from the tree. i had and idea for a website that is very similar to the way this website is working and for the same reasons as well - sustainable help and cooporation towrds solotion.
it gave me, alot ground understanding to start the world cup 2034 peace project.

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GREAT PROJECT! exactly what Israel and Palestine need in these dark days!