Youth in Sustainable Livelihood

Youth in Sustainable Livelihood : Promoting youth mentorship and enhancing sustainable livelihood in Liberia

Monrovia, LiberiaMonrovia, Liberia
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Youth Mentorship and Sustainable livelihood project seeks to build the next corps of young leaders and entrepreneurs in Liberia;promote sustainable livelihood initiatives with investment in enterprise skills.

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The vulnerable young people of Liberia potentials are discovered, developed and put into actions to reduced unemployment and avoid being used as tools for violence by politicians in post-war Liberia?
About Project

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Liberia's 4 Million population is hugely dominated by 64% with young people and most of them lacked capacities; there are limited opportunities to discovered and utilized their skills.Unemployment and poverty remains high among the young people of Liberia. There is a serious challenge with youth leadership development and working with diversity among the young people. There is little or no environmental strategy to minimize threats and pollution.

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There is a need to create opportunity for young people in Liberia to discover and developed their skills, and convert it into useful means. The huge unemployment and poverty can be minimized by making investments in enterprise skills by providing education and training skills in agriculture, information technology, waste management for employable opportunities. The young people must have the education on how to protect their environment from exploitation and understand control and ownership of resources. There is a cogent need to build leaders through mentorship programs and have them trained with conflict resolution skills, and how to work with diversity. This project will also help reduced the rate of youth in crimes in Liberia.
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The young people involved in the mentorship program will conduct community services in identified violent prone communities. Onced notorious young people who have gone through rehabilitative programs will be used to spearhead community services and outreach activities through sports and entertainment which will build an attraction and discouraged youth in crimes.Youth in sustainable livelihood programs will conduct agricultural fairs, conduct distributions of outputs from agricultural activities to safe homes, disabled communities and related government agencies.This will be done through publicity mechanisms such as Television presentations, Radio talk shows. There will be community workshops and intellectual discourses.

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The young people constitute more than 60% of the Liberian population and almost the same as the unemployment ratio in Liberia. This project seeks to reduced that percentage of unemployment by 20% while the government and other international partners will provide the means to battle the rest of the unemployment percentage.

Spread Strategies: Moving forward, what are the main strategies for scaling impact?

The project strategies will considered the fifteen political subdivisions of Liberia, meaning, both urban and rural youth will be involved into the mentorship and sustainable livelihood programs. This project will hugely concentrate on the poverty stricken regions of counties and districts in Liberia. The project will consider the national youth policy of Liberia and the National Vision 2030- Agenda for Transformation which intend to make Liberia a middle income country by 2030.

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This project hope to secured other resources from the Government of Liberia to grow or maintain the solutions since the Government has a national youth agenda and a development framework which will be considered as part of the strategies to achieved the objectives of the project.

Founding Story

Having worked with a cross section of young people, I observed that a reason for unemployment and poverty is at a result of the lack of capacity to work and low opportunity for skills development. I realized that to have this growing generation transitioned from poverty to sustainable development, they must grow from transitory income to dependable income through discovering and developing their potentials. I also noticed the used of violence as a means to resolve issues persistently among the young people. Against such backdrop, I was moved to find a way out and help my generation.


My team comprises of young people with relevant academic qualifications from Economics, Management, Sociology to Agriculture. Each member wealth of experiences brings the relevant competency to play specific roles such as ; publicity, finance control, administration, field demonstration, monitoring and evaluation, among others. As of now, all five members have committed to full time. However, the team is expected to expand.
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Waste and Packaging, Sustainable Sourcing.

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The recipient group includes the heavily unemployed young people of Liberia and identified youth without skills and opportunity to advance their lives.Communities suffering from environmental pollution;public and private institutions creating such pollution are identified as targeted customers.Young people value this solution as an employment opportunity.The customers see it as enhancing efforts to minimized environmental threats.Engagement is through dialogue and consultations with all groups.

Scaling the solution: How would the prize money and publicity help you to achieve your objectives over the next two years?

This prize money will allow me make an investment in enterprise skills by providing education and training of young people without entrepreneurial skills through seminars and workshops. By organizing leadership conferences and trainings involving mainstream youth and student organizations, youth providing leadership in political parties in Liberia will be mentored and trained before Liberia goes to her next post-war elections in 2017. Publicity will create awareness and provide education through dialogue and consultations with targeted beneficiaries.Publicity will also strengthen advocacy on governance and social inclusion and policy on control and ownership of resources and environmental control through organizing workshops and symposia.

Experience: Please provide examples of any previous entrepreneurial initiatives you have pioneered

I onced spearheaded a local initiative in 2004 after the conflict in Liberia where young people were involved into converting baboon sticks into mats for the building of makeshift homes and market booths since the cost of zinc and cements were too high.This was a skill I discovered from the interior parts of Liberia and took it to my community. I was also responsible to find the markets and customers to buy after producing the reeve made mats.

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