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Announcing our Co-Creation Pioneers of 2016!

Updates from Ingelheim: Crowning 7 'Co-Creation Pioneers for 2016'

Earlier this month, seven co-creation teams from around the world—each made up of one social entrepreneur and one Boehringer Ingelheim employee—traveled to Ingelheim, Germany, to pitch their health innovations live to a panel of judges. The three-day Co-Creation Summit was the first of its kind for Boehringer Ingelheim, with participants coming together to work on their business models, scalability and sustainability plans, and to fine-tune the win-win-win nature of these pioneering collaborations.

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Given the complexity of current systems and the growing difficulties that lie in finding solutions to global challenges, societal players can no longer act single-handedly. While social entrepreneurs have powerful solutions and insights on societal issues, “scaling up” and reaching a larger audience remains a significant challenge. On the other hand, corporations are known for their capacity to operate at a large scale but have little knowledge about societal issues or disadvantaged communities.