Community Grinding Mill for 700 Women in Sudan

Community Grinding Mill for 700 Women in Sudan

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This project buys a grinding mill for Omilling community – Sudan. The project aims to alleviate the village women’s workload and to improve their living condition.

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The Grinding Mill allows women to take their economic destiny into their own hands so they can be used to build schools and centers for healthcare as well as economic activities that create a better quality of life.

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The project aims to alleviate the village women’s workload and to improve their living condition.

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Traditionally, in Omilling communities threshing and grinding are considered tasks for women. Grinding machine will reverse this practice.

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Hope Ofiriha has many projects that are designed to help Ugandan refugees in Sudan build a better life. After displacement by war and violence, the women are the most important part of the family, and are determined to learn the skills needed to build a safe, healthy life for their families.

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Once maize has been harvested, it has to be threshed to remove maize from their stalks and then grinded to make Maize flour. Women do all of this work by hand. Hand threshing and hand milling can take almost one and one half months. The grinding machine will greatly improve the quality of life for women because of the time they will receive to be able to complete other tasks, such as education.

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Less than $50

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Operating for 1‐5 years

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Email from Changemakers

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Women’s time poverty, Social norms.

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Because this innovation allows women to greatly reduce the time making these blocks by hand.

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Technology introduction, Technology training.

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The project focused on women from its conception..

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It is led by a woman/women from a developing country., The core project team includes women from developing countries..

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Non-profit/NGO/community-based organization.

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Working with women, Working on innovation.