Efficent way of selling young coconut drink;Self employment for women

Efficent way of selling young coconut drink;Self employment for women

Sri Lanka
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nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector
$1,000 - $10,000
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In South and South East Asia, pacific islands etc. young coconut is a popular drink. Although it is healthy and refreshing, it competes poorly with carbonated beverages due to the laborious and time consuming cutting process. In most of these countries the selling of coconut drink is done by women. We propose handy cocunut cutting machine (powered and manual) which makes the cutting fast and easy.

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So far the cutting of young and king coconut is done by a large knife which is an exhaustive process for the women who mostly sell the drink. Due to the time consumed for such cutting most people opt for carbonated drinks despite the coconut drink is much healthier and refreshing. The proposed too, which can be either hand driven or power driven will cut the coconut within few seconds, so that even the consumer will be able to do the cutting. The device is fitted with safety device to have zero hazards.

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The innovation can create a large number of self employment and increase the consumption of young/king coconut which generates more jobs. In parallel the reduction of the consumption of carbonated beverages will make the people healthier. The device can be sold to each small boutique in Sri Lanka and the street-side peddlers who sell coconut drink. The device will also persuade the shop owners that do not sell coconut drink to re-think about the commodity. In addition the public that possess few to many coconut trees will also be tempted to buy the devices. This makes the selling of the device at least 500,000 in Sri Lanka. The major aim of the project is to reach the South East Asian market which will be the selling of several million devices within the first 5 years.

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The drawbacks of coconut drink to compete with carbonated beverages and the large number of women involved with the business who find it very time consuming and laborious to cut the fruit for a customer. Cutting 7-8 coconut for a group of customers will make the seller totally exhausted.

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1. Apply for a patent
2. Find an enterprenuer
3. Start the manufacturing process while launch the advertising campaign
4. start the marketing process

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First Year:
1. establishment of the factory
2. Launching of advertsing campaign (mostly through sales representatives)
3. Start manufacturing prcess
5. Marketing at least 10,000 units

Year 2:
1. Marketing at least 50,000 units
2. launch marketing camapigns in other countries

Year 3:
1. Selling at least 1,000,000 units
2. exapnding the production capacity

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$50 - 100

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Idea phase

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The project plan has been discussed with several entrepreneurs.

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When I saw the women peddlers in Sri Lanka and India desperately begging people to buy young coconut while the busy customers opt to buy ready-made beverages from the adjacent boutique.

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I am a Professor of Physics (university of Colombo) and now an Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering at UPM, Malaysia. My expertise is Lightning and Transient protection. However, for more than 15 years of my professional career, I spend many hours volunteering to do something for the poor people in Sri Lanka, India, Bangladesh and Pakistan. The NASTEC Sri Lanka and several NGOs helped me a lot in achieving my targets.

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Web Search (e.g., Google or Yahoo)

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Women’s time poverty, Economic or institutional constraints.

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The women can be supported to start their own business of selling young coconut drink with the introduction of this low-cost coconut cutting device

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Technology introduction, Technology training, Technology supply and distribution.

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Already the coconut drink selling is women dominated business in many countries where such business exists. Therefore the innovation will support the women to enhance their income generation

If women are a focus of your project, how did this focus evolve?

The project focused on women from its conception., The project developed a focus on women over time., The project was adapted to focus on women as a response to this challenge..

Which type of women will your project reach directly?

Rural, Peri-urban, Urban, Low income.

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The core project team includes women from developing countries..

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Working with women, Working with technologies, Working to increase women's economic empowerment through technology, Working on innovation.