open a beauty and barber school

open a beauty and barber school

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As a result; the alpha and omega beauty and barber school will be the idea project for Chowan County.One of our goals is to help our citizens who are unemployed, as well as low income families. The school will offer better futures by providing learning opportunities that enable citizens to receive the skills and knowledge needed for meaningful employment, successful careers, and a better quality.

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Alpha And Omega Beauty School
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, NC

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Alpha And Omega Beauty School

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252 632-4068

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1735 D. Ocean Hwy

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, NC

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More than 5 years

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, NC

What makes your idea unique?

We are unique because all students will be in a simulated salon and barber environment, which enable students to develop manipulative skills through theory and practical training.
The beauty school will consist of 25 students and the barber school will consist of 15 students. Our vision is to be an exemplary learning centered beauty school dedicated to meeting the educational socio-cultural and economic needs of Chowan County and the surrounding areas and it citizens.The sole purpose of the beauty and barber school is to provide accessible education, training, and retraining for better jobs and lives in Northeastern North Carolina. We are committed to the principle of equal opportunity. The school will be a campus that supports the success of a diverse student population; our school will be a student-focused, learning-centered institution of higher education.We will provide a climate that promotes employee growth and satisfaction. The school will have programs and courses of an occupational nature to prepare individuals for vocational or technical careers or to upgrade current jobs skills. We will offer hope and success to anyone who is willing to achieve his or her dreams and aspirations. Guidance and counseling are an integral part of the overall education program at the alpha and Omega Beauty school. Trained counselors will be available to assist students with academic, occupational, and personal problems. All Students are expected to dress in a manner appropriate to their major area of study. Beauty or Barbering curriculum. All students are considered to be mature individuals. Their conduct, both on and off campus is expected to be that of responsible adults in public places. Common courtesy and cooperation are the basic rules for conducts at the beauty school. Students are required to know and follow the beauty school regulations. Consequently I have been in the beauty industry for thirty seven years and know what it takes to open a beauty and barber school.

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The beauty industry has a huge impact on how people feel.I have always wanted to make people feel good and look good for the rest of their lives. The Alpha and Omega Beauty school seeks students who have a true desire to achieve in the field of cosmetology and barbering.Admission is open to career-minded people who would be able to obtain and utilize the skills taught for employment. The school emphasizes continuing education and skills up grading. Alpha and Omega Beauty School understand the necessity of providing quality training to all of its students.The school will be a training center that provide training for veterans, vocational rehabilitation, and employment services. The major goals of our system include; provide each student with a superior and extraordinary level of education; prepare students to successfully pass the state board examination with confidence, and assist students with career placement; and aid in developing the student's entrepreneurial skill. Alpha And Omega clinics offer all the same services you would experience in a regular salon or barber shop. If you need a simple shampoo, cut and style or the more intricate specialty style, our students can provide quality services. Clients services are designed with a twofold purpose. To offer the student an opportunity for hands-on, practical experience with the various services they are being trained to offer. To offer clinic' customers quality services at reduced prices.My innovation project is a new project in the small town of Edenton, North Carolina. Since the unemployment rate is so high, The North Carolina unemployment rate has rose to a record high of 11.2 percent in February. Jobless rate didn't get any better;so I decided to open a beauty school to increase the work force in the area. Consequently the beauty school will be the idea project for the area.

Problem: Describe the primary problem(s) that your innovation is addressing

We are addressing the unemployment rate. Without the beauty school in the area the citizens, young men and young women will have nothing to do but get into trouble. If the beauty school is available to them, they would have a choice and a great chance of surviving and supporting their loved ones.

Actions: Describe the steps that you are taking to make your innovation a success. What might prevent that success?

I have realized and acknowledge the issues that I wanted to be a change-maker, and to be successful in life. So I put all of my future plans into action so that I could move forward with my projects. My long-term goals were my top priority.Through researching, planning and long hours of looking for sponsors. Now that I have put my business plan together;I can search for resources that will aid me in opening the beauty school. Meanwhile the only prevention that could stop my success and project is that if God call me home before I can accomplish the project. Or not having the financial support to complete the projects. I am determined and steadfast in all things that I do.

Results: Describe the expected results of these actions over the next three years. Please address each year separately, if possible

Establishing a beauty school takes hard work and dedication, along with the capital and prime location. So here are the steps to the beginning of a new beauty school in Edenton, North Carolina. Step one; the beauty school will obtain the proper licensing requirements for beauty and barber. Step two; we will have appropriate staff possessing active licenses relative to the respective area of cosmetology training and barbers. Step three; partnering with local social services agency to recruit students as well as aiding an individual in becoming self-sufficient with viable income as a license cosmetologist and license barbers.Step four; the beauty and barber school will need business licenses and insurance.Step five; beauty and barber equipment.step six; textbooks. Step seven; curriculum. Step eight; inspection by state health inspector.Step nine; beauty and barber products. Step ten; beauty and barber materials and kits. The total project sources is $159.000. Our first year revenue is estimated at $163,000. Our second year revenue is estimated at $175,000. Now that the public knows who we are and where the beauty school is!Our business is now into its third year and we are growing and our income revenue has increased to $195,000. With your assistance you can make this dream into a reality. Whereas you have helped make me a change-maker in someone else life as well as mind.

How many people will your project serve annually?


What is the average monthly household income in your target community, in US Dollars?

$100 ‐ 1000

Does your innovation seek to have an impact on public policy?


If your innovation seeks to impact public policy, how?

We seek to impact on public policy by using publicity,outreach programs and community news as well as word of mouth. The Alpha and Omega Beauty school will have by-laws for everyone, who register into the school programs to follow and obey.

What stage is your project in?

Operating for less than a year

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Operating a business as partnership has benefits, but it is also fraught with potential problems. The benefits of partnership include the ability to share the workload as well as the emotional and financial burdens of the enterprise and to buy management talent that might otherwise break the budget. Of course decisions making is more complicated in partnerships because leadership is shared, and the dilution of equity must be considered. While some of the difficulties of partnership are financial in nature, most are relational-for example, coping with a partner's dishonesty or dealing with differing priorities. Many entrepreneurs have learned about partnership the hard way-from "the school of hard knocks." If trust is critical to the success of a partnership, then wouldn't it be best t look first to friends as potential partner? Not necessarily. Valued relationship can take a quick turn for the worse when a business deal gets rocky, and a Dr. Jekyl friend can sometimes transform into a Mr. Hyde business associate when money enters the picture. Of course, the best way to determine if you can work well with another person is to actually give the partnership a try before finalizing the deal.
It is important that partners be "on the same page" when it comes to forming the business concept they hope to develop together. This takes time, patient, and a lot of conversation. Needless to say, the partnership did not last long. Some of the specific matters you should discuss before joining forces include the expectation of all partners(contributions of time, money, expertise, etc.), planned division of work, anticipated vacation time, and the division of profits and losses.And remember, the stakes are high: a minor business deal can quickly ruin a very important friendship.

We would like to learn more about how your initiative is financially supported. Please explain your business plan/revenue model

Our Financial plan is: The start-up cost $99,000
building improvement is $20,000
Machinery and equipment is $44,000
Inventory is $10,555
licenses and permits are $1,000
Working capital is $35,000
Employees Salaries is $48,492
Total project uses are $257, 555.000
Our goal is to be a profitable beauty and barber school beginning in the very first month of our grand opening. The beauty school revenue will be generated by of tuition fees from students,continuing education classes products and materials sales. The business has been financially supported by husband and family members.

The Story
What was the defining moment that led you to this innovation?

I was lead to this innovation by the love I have for people. I just wanted to see how I could really make a person feel good by doing their hair and make-up. For thirty four years I have demonstrated, dedication and passion toward the beauty industry as a license cosmetologist, salon owner and a beauty educator for the North Carolina State Board of Cosmetic Arts Examiners. I enjoy teaching student beauty culture and going to hair shows. After realizing that I could actually cut men and boys hair I knew that it was time to open a beauty school in the area. I have created a client base of 100 clients and people in the community are seeking to find me and get services that I provide. All of my work is done in a professional setting. After searching for that perfect location, one was finally found. The location is clearly visible and sufficiently eye-catching to attract the attention of people walking or driving by. The traffic is heavy all through the day and night. Tourists, local commuters, and people of all cultural would have to pass by the beauty school whether they are traveling North or South on Ocean Hwy US 17. Ample and convenient parking is available at all times. According th the unemployment rate in the surrounding areas, Alpha And Omega would be a big advantage for those individual without work.

Tell us about the person—the social innovator—behind this idea.

The only two people that stands behind me is my sweet husband and my dear mother. These two people are very supporting and understanding. They have aided me in mostly everything that I do in the business. They are all for the beauty school with support.

How did you first hear about Changemakers?

Web Search (e.g., Google or Yahoo)

If through another source, please provide the information
Does your project address any of the following barriers to women’s technology access and use?

Women’s time poverty, Social norms, Economic or institutional constraints, Women’s lack of involvement in the technology development process.

If you checked any of the boxes above, please explain how.

The beauty school is open to all ethic groups. Giving them a fair chance to improve their ways of life and provide for their families. On the other hand the beauty school will serve(Camden, Chowan, Currituck, Dare, gates, Pasquotank, and Perquimans) to address the area's economic needs, and continuously seek ways to enhance our economic. The sole purpose of the beauty school is to provide accessible education, training and retraining for better jobs and lives in Northeastern North Carolina.

Does your project involve women in one or more of the following stages of the technology lifecycle? Identification of the problem the technology will solve:

Market research, Assessment and evaluation.

If you checked any of the boxes above, please explain how you will ensure women’s involvement in each relevant phase of the technology lifecycle.

At the Alpha and Omega Beauty School All students will have the privilege to research using a computer for marketing researching and each and every student will be evaluated with the assessment process.

If women are a focus of your project, how did this focus evolve?

The project focused on women from its conception., The project was adapted to focus on women as a response to this challenge..

Which type of women will your project reach directly?

Rural, Urban, Low income, Middle income, High income.

In what ways does your project team/leadership involve women?

It is led by a woman/women., The core project team includes women..

Has your organization formed any new partnerships in response to this challenge? If so, with what type/s of organization/s?

Non-profit/NGO/community-based organization.

Has your project leadership had prior experience with the following?

Working with women, Working with technologies, Working to increase women's economic empowerment through technology, Working on innovation.