Peanut Butter -to- Revenue Project

Peanut Butter -to- Revenue Project

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for profit
$10,000 - $50,000
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The proposed business intends to bring new product to the markets it is organic product peanut butter and generate the revenue

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Church of God - Arusha Branch
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Church of God - Arusha Branch

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+ 255 784 309 026

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P.O. BOX 13782, Arusha Tanzania

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More than 5 years

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The business idea to start this business came from Tear Fund Quarterly newsletter. This news letter inspired me to start the business, I conducted the business feasibility study to determine the market needs in Arusha i observed that the quality of peanut butter which current sold in the market is poor and I received many request from the customers the better peanut butter. From there I prepared funding proposal for the proposed business for asking the funding from FIRELIGHT FOUNDATION) fortunately we received the seed capital grant form Firelight Foundation for the proposed business. We purchased packing material and fixed asset and 15 women were sponsored to attend Food Processing and Entrepreneurship Training Course. The proposed business is among of innovative business qualified to be under TEMDO Business Incubator Program in Wall Service for the period of 3 years from 2009-2010.

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The proposed business brings income generation and livelihood in rural area. Currently the company pays about USD 15,000 per year for Groundnut supply. Money circulate allows women to operate their business such as restaurant, kiosk and shops. Also farmers acquire purchasing power to access better foods education and health services.
Arusha Women Entrepreneur Group (AWEG) CONTRIBUTES IN IMPROVING HEALTH AND MENTAL CAPABILITIES OF CUSTOMERS, COMPLEMENT FOOD SECURITY, AND PROMOTE PEANUT BUTTER CONSUMPTION The company produces different Peanut Butter products that increase value, shelf life, tastes and uses of peanut butter which expose it to a diverse range of customers. In addition, home delivery increase accessibility for further peanut butter consumption promotion.
Another women project beneficiary was able through the project to buy the piece of land worth about USD 800.00 form saving her the monthly salary. 5 younger women secured the employment from this project.

Problem: Describe the primary problem(s) that your innovation is addressing

The peanut butter -to -revenue project is addressing acute significant problems that are not only endemic to the Arusha city but plague many regions with Tanzania.

These are the problems of limited social and economic opportunities for locals, especial women; Perhaps the most daunting problems within the scope the Peanut butter to revenue project is the lack of economic opportunities and addressed social standing of women in the city. While poverty is nearly ubiquitous through Tanzania, Women are disproportionately it victims. Already subject to a lower social standing based on their gender, low income women find themselves even further from opportunity and cast into desperate, often income generation.

The younger women remaining in Arusha city with little or no money, not only does this practice take time and is very labor intensive The Peanut Butter to Revenue Project is presenting a unique opportunity for women of Arusha to manage the social enterprise and generate the income and accessing new technology in food processing and marketing, with the correlated affect of increasing their social standing and level of empowerment.
The above listed are not only ones the Peanut Butter to Revenue Project is mitigating , but they are most tangible and benefit of the project is come to be bear upon them most directly.

Actions: Describe the steps that you are taking to make your innovation a success. What might prevent that success?

• (A)The proposed business has received the seed capital form Firelight Foundation for the purpose to purchase the fixed asset such as peanut milling machine and packing materials.

• We received the loan from Tanzania Gatsby Trust for the purpose to sustain the business and increase employment for women.

• The bankable business plans is developed order to secure the working capital from Match Making Investors under Business in Development Program.

• However this project is under the project namely Business Diagnosis Project from this project will be financed seed money grant worth USD 4000 in May, 2010 from the project partner Tanzania Private Sector Foundation through Small Industry Development Organization)
• We are intending to purchase the bar code numbers for our product and to acquire standard mark license and tested our product from Tanzania Bureau of Standard (TBS) and Tanzania Food Drugs Authority.
• We are intend to export our product to huge market of East Africa Countries with collaborate with Kwanza Collection Company.
• We are planning to seek the partnership and technical assistance from KOICA – Korea Cooperation Agency through their program of management and food technology for Tanzania. To develop new product (Peanut butter with spices specific for Tourist in Tanzania.
• The proposed project is planning to be under the partnership with Client Incubator Facility program organized by Grass Roots Business Fund- USA.
• We are planning to apply the match grant from Tanzania Private Sector Foundation for the purpose of conduct marketing promotion for our product through participating in difference International trade Fairs and local exhibitions
• We are intending to purchase peanut milling machine with the capacity 300kg/per hrs with the funding / grants from embassy USA in Tanzania in the Fiscal Year 2010.

(B) The barriers that will make unsuccessful of the proposed business are:
• Lack of the fund for implementation of the

Results: Describe the expected results of these actions over the next three years. Please address each year separately, if possible

The proposed business will became the real social enterprise and transforming the lives of many women in Arusha, women caregivers they will acquire new technology on food processing; packing and labeling design, marketing hence the income generation will be increased, the production of peanut butter will be increased. Rural livelihood will be improved and the government revenue will be increased, the proposed business will contribute to significantly private sector development through strengthening local market, transferring the technology and contributing to use local resource. The women will secure the job and get out from the poverty. The proposed business will help to cut off the foreign currency used for importing peanut butter from abroad. The project will be replicate to others regional the technology will be disseminated to other women’s.

How many people will your project serve annually?

What is the average monthly household income in your target community, in US Dollars?

Less than $50

Does your innovation seek to have an impact on public policy?


If your innovation seeks to impact public policy, how?

The proposed business is contributing to difference government policies such Women and Gender Development Policy and Small and Medium Enterprise Policy - 2003

What stage is your project in?

Operating for 1‐5 years

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Does your organization have a non monetary partnerships with NGOs?


Does your organization have a non monetary partnerships with businesses?


Does your organization have a non monetary partnerships with government?


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• The proposed business needs partnership with other stakeholders’ the partnerships could not be critical to the success of our innovative because the partnership is non monetary. The role of our government is to strengthening private sector to become an engine for economic growth in Tanzania. The Public Private Partnership approach is already applied for the proposed business.

We would like to learn more about how your initiative is financially supported. Please explain your business plan/revenue model

We have developed bankable business by using MIR Model:
• Motivation and determination
• Ability and Experience
• Idea with market
• Resource needed and their availability
• Recently we received the loans from Tanzania Gatsby Trust (TGT) for sustain the the proposed business and increase employment for the women and both we received the grant from Firelight Foundation.

The Story
What was the defining moment that led you to this innovation?

Aim real committed to uplift the women in my communities who are marginalized; my vision is to see many women’s are getting out from the poverty through this business model- Peanut butter to revenue. My ambition is became the popular social innovator in the world such as Fazle Abed the founder of BRAC and Peter Aigen founder Transparent International.

Tell us about the person—the social innovator—behind this idea.

• I am an entrepreneur and Project Development Worker. I stated to Work with the US Expert in Social Innovator in fiscal year 2005 from Artemisia Foundation, my role was to identify the community based Organization which are promoting social entrepreneurships in Arusha city. During of this exercise I learned the concept of social entrepreneurships innovator. From there I started to work with these small CBOs which was qualify to receive the grant from Artemisia Foundation under leadership of Eco-Ventures International EVI ,

How did you first hear about Changemakers?

Through another organization or company

If through another source, please provide the information

• I heard about change maker through weekly Firelight Foundation News Letter

Does your project address any of the following barriers to women’s technology access and use?

Women’s time poverty, Women’s lack of involvement in the technology development process.

If you checked any of the boxes above, please explain how.

 The proposed project is addressing women time poverty by providing job opportunity and income generation through the current project peanut butter -to- revenue project and imparts them the new skills (technology) in food processing, entrepreneurships and Time Management and Mentorship. With collaborate the expert form the government parastatal such Small industry Development Organization (SIDO) and Tanzania Engineering Manufacturing Design Organization under the project Business Incubator Program (TEMDO)

Does your project involve women in one or more of the following stages of the technology lifecycle? Identification of the problem the technology will solve:

Technology design, Technology training, Creation and maintenance of market linkages for women's economic outputs, Assessment and evaluation.

If you checked any of the boxes above, please explain how you will ensure women’s involvement in each relevant phase of the technology lifecycle.

 We are expecting to involve women to participate in the technology life cycle for example problem identification, technology design, market research, introduction, training supply and distribution, market linkage, and assessment and evaluation especial on the field of food processing development peanut butter with spices and food safety, package and labeling design how to go- to -the market and distribution channel management with collaborate the expert from KOICA Korea Cooperation International Agency Tanzania, General Mills under Techno serve Tanzania and SIDO/SS- GATE INFORMATION SERVICE.

If women are a focus of your project, how did this focus evolve?

The project developed a focus on women over time..

Which type of women will your project reach directly?

Peri-urban, Urban, Low income.

In what ways does your project team/leadership involve women?

The core project team includes women..

Has your organization formed any new partnerships in response to this challenge? If so, with what type/s of organization/s?

Multilateral/bilateral, Non-profit/NGO/community-based organization, For-profit, Government, Women's organization.

Has your project leadership had prior experience with the following?

Working with women, Working to increase women's economic empowerment through technology, Working on innovation.