Rural Health Center

Rural Health Center

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nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector
$250,000 - $500,000
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To develop a sustainable rural health care service delivery system combining both preventive and curative health care services with a focus in safe motherhood. It is operated now in Bangladesh with 20 Health care centers. It can be scaled up in other developing countries as a model of sustainable health care approach which helps to reduce MMR(MDG-5) & under-5 mortality rate(MDG-4).

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Christian Service Society
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Christian Service Society

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+88041720766; +88041722355

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82, Rupsastrand Road, Natunbazar, Khulna, Bangladesh

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More than 5 years

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Combination of curative & preventive care services makes my idea unique as it can save mothers by ensuring safe delivery. Through preventive component, it can build capacity not only of mothers but also of the health workers who can make change in the future by sustain the result of the project. Curative component helps to reduce the stigma related to the delivery in the institutional level. By this way, it can change the behavior as well as practice of community to shift the paradigm of safe delivery by the trained & skilled health workers. Both institutional & financial sustainability will be ensured by the community participation & community involvement in this project. Complimentarity of the health care services between Government and NGOS can create a private public partnership scope through this proejct. Capacity building of local community health workers regarding health issues especially on maternal and child health is also a unique idea. Demand creation for health services in the early stage of diseases is also an important component of this project. Development of 2 community platform for proper implementation of the project named Community Health Platform (CHP) and Village Health Committee (VHC) will be functional body to bridge the whole community with the health centers. Utilization of the local resources to build a sustainable health care service delivery model is the main focus of this project. Staff motivation & referral mechanism also plays a big role for this project. Corporate level linkage like pharmaceutical companies and biological labs also important for sustainability of this project. However, proper documentaion of the learnings and sharing of those lessons also have a unique role in the process of the project. Effectiveness in Overall supervision & monitoring of the day day to activities is also vital for successful implementaion of the project.

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Near about 300 safe deliveries has been done in the health within last one year.1 mother & 2 infants died after referral to the secondary and tartiary health care centers. Community people accepted the effort of those rural health centers. They do take their relatives to the center to avail 24 hours safe delevery services in the remote areas where they don't have any options left.

Problem: Describe the primary problem(s) that your innovation is addressing

Maternal mortality
Under-5 mortality
lack of knowledge of community to prevent diseases that are preventable
lack of demand of health services in proper time
lack of community participation in health care serivice delivery system
stigma related to institutional delivery
lack of community health workers and community midwives
lack of management capability to pilot a safe delivery program
lack of documentation of best practices regardiing safe delivery

Actions: Describe the steps that you are taking to make your innovation a success. What might prevent that success?

piloting a idea to develop an concept
ensure the community participation and involvement in this pilot project
to advocate in the organization to work to accept the concept
to present the concept to donors
to take the challenge of implementation

Results: Describe the expected results of these actions over the next three years. Please address each year separately, if possible

Reduce 50% Maternal Moratlity ratio in the working area
Reduce 50% Under-5 mortality rate in the working area
demand creation of health service delivery within the community
develop a model of sustainable health service delivery model

How many people will your project serve annually?

More than 10,000

What is the average monthly household income in your target community, in US Dollars?

$50 - 100

Does your innovation seek to have an impact on public policy?


If your innovation seeks to impact public policy, how?

Government of Bangladesh is looking for the ideas to reduce the maternal mortality & under-5 mortality but still struggling to do so due to financial and management problem. If this project can be a model, then Government can take this model as a success and review the health policy to integrate this model in the existing primary health care structure of the country.

What stage is your project in?

Operating for 1‐5 years

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Does your organization have a non monetary partnerships with businesses?


Does your organization have a non monetary partnerships with government?


Please tell us more about how partnerships could be critical to the success of your innovation

Partnership with the corporate level like pharmaceutical companies for discount in drug supply, Biochemical labs for pathological reagents supply can play a vital role for financial sustainablity of this project. Also, other health care service providers, NGOs, local Government, Government healh workers have crucial role as partner to compliment the project activities.

We would like to learn more about how your initiative is financially supported. Please explain your business plan/revenue model

1st 3 years will be supported by European Union (EU). All types of Capital investments will be in the 1st year. Then from the 2nd year onwards, revenue will cover 50% salary of the staff. In the third year, total salary will come from revenue income through Patient contribution, drug sale, pathology services, other services. From 4th year onwards, salary including other revenue expenditure will come from income of the project

The Story
What was the defining moment that led you to this innovation?

During my work with mothers in remote area when I did some MVBA (Maternal Verbal Autopsy);I found that simple initiatives can save the lives of mothers. Being pregnant is not a curse!!

Tell us about the person—the social innovator—behind this idea.

It's me !! Dr. Joydip Ghosh

How did you first hear about Changemakers?

Web Search (e.g., Google or Yahoo)

If through another source, please provide the information
Does your project address any of the following barriers to women’s technology access and use?

Women’s time poverty, Social norms, Economic or institutional constraints, Women’s lack of involvement in the technology development process.

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Poverty prevents the women to raise voice against discrimination
Social norms prevents the community to take any new initiatives
Economic constraints prevents the community to avail services
Lack of involvement of women in th development process make them more vulnerable

Does your project involve women in one or more of the following stages of the technology lifecycle? Identification of the problem the technology will solve:

Market research, Technology training, Technology supply and distribution, Assessment and evaluation.

If you checked any of the boxes above, please explain how you will ensure women’s involvement in each relevant phase of the technology lifecycle.

All of the anove are done by involcing them in the process of the project

If women are a focus of your project, how did this focus evolve?

The project focused on women from its conception..

Which type of women will your project reach directly?

Rural, Low income, Middle income.

In what ways does your project team/leadership involve women?

The core project team includes women from developing countries..

Has your organization formed any new partnerships in response to this challenge? If so, with what type/s of organization/s?

Multilateral/bilateral, Non-profit/NGO/community-based organization.

Has your project leadership had prior experience with the following?

Working with women, Working on innovation.