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Grupo temático online: Medio Ambiente, Energía y Cambio Climático

Geotourism Challenge Group

Join the Geotourism Challenge Changemakers group to share ideas and opinions about issues impacting destination stewardship and wisely managed tourism.

Hear about best practices, identify solutions to key challenges, and link to resources that may help you overcome obstacles and succeed as a changemaker in geotourism. Each week will focus on a specific issue; join the dialogue now and tell your story.



My Green World

nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

My Green World is an education-oriented organisation dedicated to wildlife and environmental conservation. Formally partnered with 16 local and international charities and initiatives, My Green World is a platform for the public to connect with environmental and wildlife causes.


for profit

givium is a new, socially responsible e-commerce site where users buy/sell unused household stuff to their social network (so, friends get friend prices) and donate a percentage of the proceeds to a charity of their choice. With givium, ANY CHARITY can receive a percentage of the proceeds of a sale.



impacTrip is a travel promoter that offer unique volunteer trips in Portugal.
Discover Portugal in a responsible and unforgettable trip that combines the best local guided tours, typical restaurants and other local activities with volunteering in local social projects that have a real impact.

Working with Samburu Warriors and Other Community Members to Conserve Kenya's Lions

Kenya's lions could be extinct in the next two decades, largely due to habitat loss and conflict with humans over livestock depredation. The Ewaso Lions project conserves northern Kenya’s remaining lions by promoting coexistence between people and wildlife. Since 2007, this coexistence has been achieved through community-based conservation programs, which engage Samburu warriors, women, elders, and youth in activities that benefit human livelihoods while also conserving wildlife and protecting habitat.


1° 16' 8.2416" S, 36° 50' 35.4984" E

Irish Wildlife Trust

Habitat loss is one of the greatest threats to biodiversity and wildlife. Make it Wild inspires people to take action for biodiversity in their local community and create areas for wildlife in gardens, green spaces and derelict areas - making a difference for biodiversity both locally and globally.

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Participatory Village Development Planning: Towards Self Reliant Communities

Introduction               Indonesia’s village development planning has rarely been based on genuine community participation.  Village Development Plans are often developed by only one or two village leaders, and mainly used by the local (district) government to meet a requirement to obtain national government budget assistance. Participatory planning to improve villagers’ capacity to develop and manage village resources is not commonplace.


0° 55' 7.6512" S, 119° 50' 51.4824" E
Changemakers Taxonomy: 

Protecting cotton-top tamarins through community-based conservation in Colombia

Proyecto Titi is a non-proft organization that is dedicated to protecting the critically-endangered cotton-top tamarin and its forest habitat in northern Colombia.  They carry out a comprehensive conservation program that includes innovative research, community outreach programs (including alternative income and recycling initiatives) and an education program that has been formally adopted as the official environmental education curriculum in several local municipalities.  


10° 58' 17.004" N, 74° 47' 27.1212" W


for profit

The importance of trees for Molo can hardly be underestimated. Trees serve as water catchment protection, have medicinal value, provide fuel woods, offer fruits and can be used as wind breakers, biological fencing or fodders for animals. The ongoing deforestation leads to land degradation, drying out of spring water and severe soil erosion. But as the rural poor communities depend on collecting firewood for sale or on cutting down trees for burning charcoal, there has been a notable increase of deforestation in Molo Region.

Estancia AguaFria


Ofreceremos un estilo de turismo rural ecologico, siempre recreativo y sostenible. Nuestro destino te brinda la opcion de ayudar y vacasionar, un lugar ideal para retiros. El turista podra compartir con la juventud atravez de un servicio voluntariado en la Estancia de AguaFria.

MAA Briquettes

for profit

My innovation was inspired to provide an alternative means of energy. It is a simple idea that uses charcoal dust, maize cobs a and waste vegetable matter to make smokeless briquettes which are dried and then sold for fuel.

Construyo Puentes

for profit

La propuesta es desarrollar un proyecto que sea innovador en nuestra región, generando puentes entre lo público y lo privado. Identificando necesidades y dando soluciones para las relaciones públicas e interpersonales, la gestión y el desarrollo.


nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

fishermen's livelihood depends much on catch of the day using traditional method. On the other hand the amount of fish depends on coastal ecosystem, particularly mangrove and coral. Conservation of coastal resource is a way to sustain fishermen's livelihood.

Eco Web

O Eco web associa às TIC à sustentabilidade.
Trabalha com alunos com necessidades Educativas Especiais, alunos com dificuldades de aprendizagens e monitores ecológicos, utilizando tecnologias móveis em áreas de banhados, arroios, rios...
Também atendemos outras escolas através de agendamento.


nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

MallorquinVIVE believes in children and youth as key agents for the future of water resources and its management that are key for local development. Starting by defining a new sense of belonging and then training them to defend and conserve the water bodies, our purpose is for a water future.

EFI's Fence It

nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

Restoring India's Lakes which are today turning into dump yards and sewer drains. Cleaning and scientifically restoring these fresh waterbodies so that they become biodiversified hotspots within populous nerve centers.

environmental protection with innovative solutions

I. SOLUTION 1: PRODUCTION FROM PAPER PRODUCTS As we know, the products produced will be kept largely in the plastic bag. For people, the choice of buying a product depends largely on the design or packaging of beauty products as well as prices or not they choose to purchase. Businesses see it as an advantage to increase business for many more people. However, they did not notice that the product is packaged in plastic bags or plastic when people use me, they'll leave. Therefore, the amount of plastic bags or plastic waste into the environment increased significantly.


Ho Chi Minh City
10° 45' 0.5508" N, 106° 39' 51.2352" E

forget the LPG

nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

Could the liquefied petroleum gas be replaced?
Could the basic amenity of cooking could be made cheap?
Could other efficient cooking methords be developed?
The answer to all the above questions is YES..!!

Amrit Jal


When we open a tap\have a shower, do we notice or think what is the amount of water we are going to use or waste.

We take it for granted that there will always be water to fulfill our needs. Isn't it?


nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

this project is about adoption of agricultural land management (SALM) practices to enhance food security in Ngoma District, Rwanda. The project developer will promote the adoption and use of agricultural land management practices in Ngoma District on approximately 35 farms to promote food security.


for profit

We are a local organization native to Costa Rica. This unique characteristic allows us to identify the problems and needs of conservation, sustainability, and the development needs of the community first.

Kawil Tours


We never thought that a long-forgotten and isolated island can be a travel destination. When we started Kawil Tours, the challenges were overwhelming. But the 100-year isolation proved that we had 100 years-worth of inspiration to reconnect this former leper colony to the world through tourism.