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If you're looking for practical toolkits especially for changemakers, you're in the right place. Based on experiences from changemakers like you, these tips are made for your team to put into practice. 

Real Changemaker Stories, Come To Life
Ashoka and Worldreader produce 5 illustrated children’s b
The First Book Accelerator
A tool for educators with practical ways to inspire students to become chan
Discover Your Changemaking Superpower
Identify your strongest skills through Ashoka's Changemaker Index
Changemaking 101: The Discovery Framework
Welcome to Ashoka's crash course on Changemaking; a 50-minute, video-led jou
A Beginner’s Guide to Systems Change
How do we create change that lasts?
Raising Changemakers
Tools for Parents & Guardians of Changemakers 
Changemaking From Home
Activity guide for leading young from your kitchen table.
My Changemaker Toolkit
Creating change isn’t just the work of idealists or people starting compani
Strategies: Putting Empathy in Action
How to put empathy in action as individuals, schools and communities. 
A Changemaker's Guide to Pitching
How to woo funders and supporters in 7 easy steps 
A Changemaker's Guide to Storytelling
As a changemaker, you have to be comfortable telling stories to engage both