alger, Algeriaalger, Algeria
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for profit
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$1,000 - $10,000
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PharmaFind is a web service in forms of mobile app, computer software and a website, it connects Pharmacies to clients/patients in a way that optimize getting the right medications in the right time and location.

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What If one of your friends or family member get sick or passed away and he need a specific drug and this drug is so rare ?
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Pharmacies are required by authorities to perform minimum overnight shift per region,Shift schedules are not easily accessible for citizens, and 19% of clients need service at night shift (after 7 pm), and they don't know witch pharmacy is open or closed because they don't have access to night shift schedule. Algerian market often faces lack crisis of medicines,and the Pharmacies are the ONLY place to buy drugs in Algeria.

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our solution for this problem is PharmaFind is a web service application which is designed to 2 kind of user with 3 different form the first for is Mobile application (for patients) witch will Provides a list and time schedule of pharmacies and critical medications according to user’s criteria (availability, location,…) and the second form is Desktop software (for pharmacies) Allows the pharmacist to get featured on our app, publish their time schedule, location and availability of critical medications and the third form is a WebSite it is for any one using the internet he will find Instructions and pharmaceutical advices (List of generic drugs local medical information) given by specialists and advisors.


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