Mark Thomas


Name: Mark Thomas
Organization: VaxTrac
Title: Executive Director
We believe strongly in the power of information and the application of modern technology in innovative ways to unaddressed needs. We have dedicated our efforts to attacking one of the most basic problems faced worldwide--administering vaccines--with one of the most contemporary technical abilities: biometrics. More than 3 billion people--or roughly half of the world's population--live on less than $2.50 a day. The people that need help the most are the least likely to get it, and it is those people we target. GAVI has identified 72 low-income countries where vaccine delivery can be drastically improved. We aim to work in each and every one of those countries. Children have a right to basic health care, regardless of background. Vaccination is the cornerstone to a comprehensive health delivery strategy. We want to ensure that every child has the ability to receive life-saving vaccines. VaxTrac provides developing countries with the tools and services they need to maximize the effectiveness of their vaccination programs. Our key offering is a mobile, biometric-based vaccine registry. We are funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and work closely with UNICEF, WHO and government officials in the countries.

Challenge Entries

VaxTrac met en place des registres de vaccination biométriques mobiles dans les PVD afin de réduire les pertes de vaccins et empêcher de nombreux morts.

VaxTrac desenvolve registros móveis de vacinação biométrica nos países em desenvolvimento, para reduzir o desperdício de vacinas e evitar milhões de mortes.

VaxTrac provee registros de vacunación biométricos móviles en los países en desarrollo reduciendo el desperdicio de vacunas, previniendo muertes evitables

VaxTrac deploys mobile biometric-based vaccination registries in developing countries to reduce vaccine wastage and to prevent millions of avoidable deaths