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Name: Aaron Redman
Organization: Sustaion Our World Enterprises
Website: http://www.sowenterprises.com

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Nov 01, 2013 / 0 Comments / in Eco Products, Gender equity, Sustainable development, Waste

Sustainable shoppers know to remember their re-usable sacks when heading to the grocery store or market yet without and option for produce they are stuck with all those clear bags. FAVE Bags, produced by a network of woman-run home-based enterprises in El Salvador, is the solution.

Over 50% of households in rural El Salvador struggle with poverty where there are few if any opportunities to earn the much needed cash to pay for school, medical or other essential expenses. Women in particular face a difficult time earning necessary cash due to their numerous household obligations. Instead of forcing women to leave for distant factories and cities in search of work, we are creating an embedded network of home-based enterprises in the countryside which produce FAVE Bags for export to the US and is empowering women to earn the cash needed to support their families.