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Abhinav Verma

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Name: Abhinav Verma
Organization: Ein Labs
Title: Co-founder
"Abhinav S Verma, is one of the leading student researchers in Chitkara University with two patents and many novel inventions Abhinav S Verma is a passionate inventor and an extraordinary thinker currently in the second year pursuing Mechanical Engineering. He is the developer of the world's first wireless batteryless bell - "Pe Bell" for which he holds a patent, the breakthrough innovation for the blind - "Live Braille" which won the prize of "Second best innovation for the blind in the Asia-Pacific region" in a competition held in Hong Kong and many other prizes when presented in various IITs. For his projects Abhinav has been awarded at the state, national and international levels. He has been recently appointed as Research Scholar at Aautosync - Steinbeis Centre of Innovation in lieu to his academic laurels. Honored by the appreciation letter of “The most innovative student of the batch" by the HOD and also been featured for various inventions in a variety of newspapers and press media." -TEDx

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Jul 31, 2014 / 0 Comments / in Disability, Disability rights

Live Braille aims to take blind navigation to an entirely new level with a robust, and practicable technology in the form of glove which claims to provide incredible navigation speeds to the blind. "We want to do what Microsoft and Mac did to the computer industry".