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Name: Alfonso Llanes
Organization: Montecristo River Lodge & Private Natural Reserve

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To protect the rain forest of the San Juan River, using sustainable development and by stopping the government of Nicaragua and the Brazilian company Andrade Gutierrez on their plant to make a hydroelectric project using the San Juan River. They pretend stop and revert the flow of water of the San Juan River, they want to divert the water from flowing to the Atlantic Ocean into the Pacific Ocean. Changing the ecosystem of the rain forest, the river, the lake and coast on both oceans, will be an apocalyptic natural disaster.

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Montecristo River Lodge is located in the tropical humid forest of San Juan River, Nicaragua, between river port town of Boca de Sabalos and the historic town of El Castillo. I bought the property in 1999 to fish shad.

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Montecristo River Lodge & Reserva Silvestre Privada Montecristo
El proyecto se localiza en la selva húmeda tropical del Rio San Juan, Nicaragua, entre el pueblo puerto de montana de Boca de Sábalos y el poblado histórico de El Castillo.